Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women

Menopause is an inevitable aspect of aging that will affect every woman, often around her 50th year. For some, the symptoms of menopause strike earlier than anticipated, and can be completely disruptive to their lives. Whenever menopause starts, know that there are options available to reduce the severity and frequency of symptoms.

Bioidentical hormone replacement is designed to help every woman look and feel her best and live life to the fullest, without being held back by the negative symptoms of menopause. There is no reason to suffer through it- all women deserve to live happy, vibrant lives at any age!

Bioidentical Pellet Therapy in Fayetteville

Dr. Scinta offers comprehensive solutions featuring bioidentical hormone replacement pellet therapy. This is a plant-based form of hormone replacement therapy that uses controlled levels of the hormones estrogen, progesterone and testosterone to simulate natural hormone production by the body. The goal of pellet therapy is to reduce the signs and health effects of menopause and to enhance quality of life by helping you to look and feel your best. Women who receive hormone replacement sleep better, have great energy and enthusiasm for life, and positively glow!

Hormone replacement therapy can reduce symptoms of menopause, which often include:

  • Night sweats
  • Hot flashes
  • Mood swings
  • Increased anxiety and irritability
  • Depression
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Sleep disturbances and insomnia
  • Fogginess and word finding issues
  • Loss of libido
  • Fatigue

Why Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy simulates hormone production using an identical plant-based replica of the hormones naturally produced by the body, thereby reducing and often eliminating these symptoms*. Dr. Scinta added hormones to her weight loss practice after realizing that some of the symptoms of menopause, including sleep deprivation and muscle loss, can make losing weight and sustaining weight loss more challenging than it should be.

Dr. Scinta offers hormone replacement therapy in Fayetteville focusing on the three primary hormones:

  • Estrogen in pellet form
  • Testosterone in pellet form
  • Progesterone in oral or topical form

All three of these hormones are involved in the growth, maintenance and repair of reproductive tissues and health, including sense of well-being. The estrogen and testosterone hormone replacement pellets are designed to release exact dosages of these hormones throughout the day, delivering 24 hour support without the requirement of taking a daily pill or using creams. (Progesterone is not delivered in pellet form, rather offered through topical or oral replacement specifically for women who are symptomatic, or who receive estrogen replacement and have an intact uterus.)

Pellet therapy with bioidentical hormone replacement is recommended for peri and post-menopausal women. The therapy can improve quality of life by reducing the common health consequences of aging which are related to sharp drops in hormone production.

For more information about bioidentical hormone replacement for women, contact us.

*1 Sood R, Faubion SS, Kuhle CL, Thielen JM, Shuster LT. Prescribing menopausal hormone therapy: an evidence-based approach. International Journal of Women’s Health. 2014;6:47-57. doi:10.2147/IJWH.S38342.