Why Eating Slowly Can Help You Cut Calories

Posted: Apr 12 in Healthy Eating Menu by

Diet experts often advise us to eat more slowly in order to lose weight. But how does taking longer to finish a meal translate to pounds lost?

Research has shown that eating slowly stimulates the release of the hormones that regulate satiety, or how satisfied you are after a meal. In one study, volunteers were given equal portions of ice cream and instructed to eat the ice cream at different rates. The study showed that the volunteers who took 30 minutes to complete their ice cream had higher levels of anorexigenic peptides, the hormones that help suppress appetite. The findings of this study suggest that taking longer to eat will make you feel more full, so you’re more likely to consume fewer calories overall. Other studies have confirmed that people who eat more quickly are more likely to eat larger amounts of food.

The reason that eating more slowly helps people lose weight is that they’re more likely to stop eating sooner and to go longer between meals without feeling hungry again. This allows people to reduce their calorie intake naturally, without feeling like they’re depriving themselves. Lowering your calorie intake is one of the most effective ways to lose weight.

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