Weight Loss Success Linked to Vitamin D

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Losing weight requires dedication to long term diet and exercise goals. As you work with your weight loss center in Cazenovia to alter your habits and make the lifestyle changes necessary to shed those excess pounds, it is important to keep in mind additional, outside factors that also play a role in successful weight loss. New research is being done all the time revealing information about our bodies and the way we store fat, and likewise the way that we lose weight. According to one recent study, sufficient vitamin D levels at the onset of a diet plan may be linked to successful weight loss.

Vitamin D is a bit unlike other types of vitamins. While you can purchase supplements of this nutrient, they are not always the best way to obtain more vitamin D in your diet. Our bodies actually absorb vitamin D from the sun! That’s right–this study is finding that one important aspect of our nutrition can be obtained as easily as spending a bit more time out in the backyard!

It is unclear whether vitamin D levels actually enhance weight loss, or if those that are active are more exposed to vitamin D because they spend more time outside. Either way, there are a few positive things to think about here. Our bodies are able to absorb vitamin D when we spend time outside. Whether you are sitting in the lawn chair reading a book or running around the back yard with your kids, your body will thank you for the sunlight!

Even if vitamin D doesn’t actually enhance your weight loss efforts, getting up off of the couch and throwing a ball around in the backyard will. Increased physical activity is a crucial aspect of a successful weight loss program. So as spring approaches, let this research be another reason to get outside and move around, the sun is waiting for you.

Remember, Vitamin D is fat soluble, so it gets sucked into the fat cells, and is not available to the bone and muscle to drive calcium in. It is so important to treat a vitamin D deficiency early, as it will help you have more energy and feel better overall during your weight loss journey.


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  • Yup when I was finally diagnosed with full blown Diabetes 2, my Vit D levels were too low and it took a long time suupplementing to bring them back into an acceptable & great range above 40. We do not get enough from the sun in our region.

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