Tips for Dieters Eating Out

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Tips for Dieters Eating OutEating out is often seen as a dieter’s worst nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be if you know how to order the right foods for your diet. Your server can be your best friend when attempting to eat out healthily, so make sure you let him or her know that you are on a diet and that you might need some additional guidance when choosing what to eat.

  • Order steamed veggies. Avoid any vegetables covered in a sauce, fried or coated with breading.
  • Order grilled or baked meats. Avoid eating fried meats and instead opt for grilled or baked. Remember that even meats that sound healthy–like blackened grilled–can contain a large amount of oil or butter. Ask your server what the least buttery option is.
  • Limit the carbohydrates. Tortilla chips, breads and other appetizers can really put a hurting on your diet. Ask your server to bring you just one piece of bread instead of the whole loaf, or one small portion of chips instead of an entire basket.
  • Skip dessert -no matter what. Even if you’ve been good all day, you should still skip dessert. Instead, bring a few pieces of chocolate to the restaurant with you and order a small cup of coffee to enjoy with it.

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