Step Away From the Cookie Jar Mom and Dad

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Step Away From the Cookie JarHow did that chicken nugget taste? You know– the one that you picked up off of your child’s plate before tossing it into the dishwasher. What about the left-over French fries at lunch or the melting ice cream cone that was handed off to you at the park? Medical weight loss in Syracuse and Fayetteville can help the whole family develop healthier eating habits, but being honest with yourself is one of the first steps that you will need to take—and that includes counting the calories that are hidden in those extra bites.

Parents don’t eat well.

If you are a parent, then chances are this is not a shocking statement. There are a lot of reasons (or excuses) for a poor diet. Parenting is tiring, especially when you have young kids. While in the past you may have been more inclined to stop at the grocery store to browse the produce isle, two kids arguing in the backseat makes a drive-thru even more appealing. However, that isn’t a good decision for anyone in the family.

Good habits start at home, and this includes eating habits. Childhood obesity is a rising concern across the United States, and it is not hard to understand how when you take a look at the amount of fast-food and sugary snacks that are consumed regularly.

Think about this: many popular kid’s breakfast cereals have 85 percent more sugar, 60 percent more sodium and 65 percent less fiber than the typical adult breakfast. This is bad enough for your kids to be eating regularly, but for parents that tend to mindlessly eat the scraps out of their children’s bowls these extra calories could be breaking your meal plan.

There are ways that you can avoid eating excess calories without hearing a lot of whining. The trick is to re-think how you approach weight loss. Instead of putting your family on a diet, start thinking about the things that you can add to your home and daily routine.

Get Involved in Healthy Eating

One way to get your entire family more inclined to eat healthier is to get more involved in the production process. A lot of kids do not know where their food comes from. That is to say while they may understand that potatoes come from the ground while chips come from a bag, they may not really get the processing that potato chips go through before they are put in that bag.

U-pick farms are a great way to get the entire family more active and interested in fresh produce. There are a number of farms in central New York that let you wander the fields and pick your own produce. Here are just a couple of examples.

  • The Beak and Skiff orchard in Lafayette is just one of many apple orchards where you pick your own apples from the trees, and you will be able to choose from over a dozen varieties of apples when they are in season.
  • Burrell’s Navarino Orchard in Syracuse has a variety of produce. You can head out there during the summer to pick your own strawberries too.

As you are focusing on losing weight it is important that you become more aware of the little triggers that are all around you. If your child will only eat half of their snack before handing it off to you, then bring plastic bags along with you so that you can save their snack for when they get hungry again later. Be honest with yourself, the extra bite of pizza crust never really tastes that good. Cutting out all of those minor, mindless snacks can help you reach your weight loss goal.

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