Medical Weight Loss on the Menu

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Medical Weight Loss on the MenuThere you are, sitting healthily at home thinking of nothing that will tempt you to break your diet and exercise program for medical weight loss in Fayetteville when BAM—the phone rings and suddenly you have dinner plans at your favorite restaurant.

What’s a person to do in this situation? It isn’t realistic or healthy to push your friends away during your medical weight loss program for the sake of not having to go out to eat. Maintaining friendships is crucial to your program success, as your friends can act as a primary mode of weight loss support when things become tough. However, the menu is filled with treacherous traps that can leave you regretting your dinner choice for days.

Sticking to your medical weight loss program while dining out is tough, but not impossible.

The first step to staying healthy on the go is to know how to decode the menu. Pretty much every menu has at least one or two healthy food options on it. This may come in the shape of a salad or soup, or may be disguised as an entrée. As long as you know what words to look for you can order off just about any menu with ease, simply by scanning for a few key terms.

Here are terms to look for on the menu as you make your dining choice:

  • Broiled
  • Grilled
  • Baked
  • Poached
  • Steamed
  • Stir-fried
  • Tomato base
  • Marinara
  • In its own juice

And here are those dangerous terms that should send up a big red flag when you take a long look at the menu:

  • Au gratin: Cheese alert.
  • Basted: This means melted fat is used to keep the meat moist. Sometimes it is butter, other times lard.
  • Broasted: Fancy way of saying something is “fried”.
  • Creamed: Fairly self-explanatory.
  • Smothered: A dish can be smothered in just about anything, but this often indicates cheese.
  • Crispy: Breaded and fried.

The specific terms you will encounter are going to range based on the type of restaurant and cuisine you are out to enjoy, but these are fairly common ones that appear on menus from the drive thru to the five-star eatery.

When it comes time for dessert, remember there is no harm in saying you are filled up from dinner! If you find yourself trapped and facing the sweet menu, opt for a simple cup of tea, or see if the restaurant has the option for sliced fresh fruit instead of something a bit more decadent.

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