Manage Your Food Intake At All Different Types Of Events

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Manage Your Food Intake At All Different Types Of EventsParties, barbecues and even just time spent hanging out with friends¬†can all present a problem if you are trying to eat less. A lot of the time the foods that are around are high calorie and they can pack on extra pounds quickly if you aren’t careful. Eating a handful of potato chips and drinking a soda may not seem like a big deal, but if you add it up, the calories can be over 300 right there. So how can you manage your food intake in different social situations?

First of all, it can help to just sit away from the table that has food. If you park yourself right next to it, the temptation can be too great, and the next thing you know you have eaten hundreds of empty calories.

Another thing you can do is bring a healthy snack of your own to share. Make a low fat dip and bring a bag of baby carrots or grab a bag of pretzel twists to put out for your friends.

If these strategies don’t seem to be working, you may be a “mindless” eater. Don’t worry–this doesn’t mean you don’t have a mind–it just means you are eating without thinking about it. Try to pay attention to everything you eat, instead of just snacking as you go and it can help cut down on the amount you have overall. This is where your food diary can be your best friend. If you are honest about jotting down what you eat, you will be able to identify the times when you get out of control.¬† Then you can avoid those situations, or come up with strategies that will decrease snacking during these high risk events.

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