Luscious Summer Foods That Can Help You Lose Weight

Posted: Jun 16 in Healthy Eating Menu by

Being on a medical weight loss program does not mean that you have to forgo delicious food. Summer is the best time to eat fresh, satisfying meals. Here is a round-up of our favorites:

  1. Grilled vegetables. If you have trouble getting your child to eat vegetables, try grilling them. Asparagus, zucchini and corn are all great on the grill. Eating a balanced diet rich in fresh vegetables is important in avoiding childhood obesity, so, any healthy preparation that will help your kids enjoy their veggies more is worth trying.
  2. Summer is the time for chilled soups. Try heading to one of Syracuse’s seasonal farmer’s markets to pick up ingredients for cold squash soup gazpacho, and try other refreshing recipes too.
  3. Summer is prime time for watermelon. This sweet fruit has a high water content, which means that its calorie count is low. Eat it by the slice, cubed, or throw it in the blender for a delicious smoothie. It’s a great way to satisfy your child’s desire for sweets while avoiding foods that can lead to childhood obesity.
  4. Instead of high calorie cookies and cakes, finish your meals with fresh fruit. Summer is peak season for peaches, cherries and other delights. Ripe fruits need little more than a sprinkle of sugar to make a satisfying dessert.
  5. Quench thirst with low calorie choices like iced tea or lemon water. These contain far less sugar than sodas and juices, and can help you keep off the pounds.
  6. Summer is a great time to explore salads. Don’t feel limited to just lettuce. Try making refreshing, cold salads with whole grains, beans and chopped vegetables for a delicious change of pace that keeps you and your kitchen cool.

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