Helping Your Kids Love Healthy Food

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Helping Your Kids Love Healthy FoodFrom chicken nuggets to mac ‘n cheese, the typical child’s favorite foods are rarely healthy ones, and this can make it a challenge to help your kids with weight loss. Children are often picky eaters and may throw a fuss at the mere notion of eating something green. Unfortunately, this limited palate means they miss out on the nutritional value offered by a healthy diet, putting them at a higher risk for long-term struggles with excess weight.

It isn’t always easy to teach your child to embrace a healthy diet, but it can be done. By promoting healthy eating at home, you can encourage progress in your kid’s weight loss program and instill habits that will help your child stay healthy for the rest of his or her life.

Ready to make your kid’s weight loss diet a pleasure rather than a pain? Get started by:

  • Cutting out junk food. Your kids will have a hard time with weight loss if your pantry is full of unhealthy treats. Keep sweets and fatty snacks out of the house and help your children choose healthier by making nuts, fruits and vegetables easily accessible. Instead of high-calorie drinks like soda and flavored milk, you can encourage your child to drink water by keeping a jug flavored with fresh fruit or mint in the fridge.
  • Cooking together. Getting your children more involved in the meal-making process can help them become more adventurous and develop a stronger interest in the foods they eat. Encourage your children to join you in every aspect of preparing a meal, from the kitchen to the table and even growing a few vegetables at home.
  • Trying again. If your kid makes a face at the mere sight of asparagus, you may think that all hope of getting him or her to eat it is lost. However, studies have found that children often need to be introduced to a food up to three times before they actually give it an honest try. Don’t give up if your child doesn’t like something the first time—keeping healthy foods around will help your child get used to them, and their taste buds will gradually change. Continue to experiment with different textures and flavors and you’re sure to find something healthy that your kid truly loves.

Many children are not exploratory eaters, and this can make getting them to eat a healthy diet hard. During your kid’s weight loss program, do your best to help your child get used to the world of nutritious food—this will help him or her stay healthy for years to come.

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