Eating Slower Can Help You Lose Weight

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According to a recent study, eating slower by spending more time chewing every bite can help people succeed in losing weight. Not only can chewing more and eating more slowly help with a Cazenovia patient’s weight loss plan, but it can also improve digestion. The researchers found that increasing the number of chews per mouthful from the average of 15 to 40 can aid in losing weight.

Thirty men were followed in the study, and the participants were split evenly between men who were obese and those who were of normal weight. Breakfast was served to the group first, without specific eating or chewing instructions. The chew rate was the same among all participants, but the overweight group tended to swallow their food more rapidly.

The next test involved the same meal, but included instructions to chew each bite 40 times. The researchers found that when the participants upped their chewing number to 40, they decreased their caloric intake by nearly 12 percent. Researchers pointed out that this 12 percent calorie intake reduction could result in weight loss of up to 25 pounds over time.

The study results seem to indicate that by reducing the time of food consumption, the brain receives signals of a full stomach quicker and lowers the hunger hormone as a result. Blood tests taken after these eating tests indicated that a hormone, ghrelin, was reduced during the slower eating task.

While losing weight takes commitment, perseverance, and dedication, it seems it also takes patience, especially when it comes to chowing down on your food.


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