Eating Healthy While Traveling

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Eating Healthy While TravelingWhen you travel, the best way to stay on track with lifestyle change as part of your medical weight loss program is a little planning. From making sure you have food with you, to keeping yourself hydrated, you can travel and still feel great about yourself.

Travel by Car – If you are going to be spending a lot of time in the car, avoid the drive-thrus and convenience stores by packing ahead. Perfectly proportioned snack bags of veggies, cooked chicken cut into strips or bite-sized pieces, and other healthy foods can be made in advance and kept in a cooler. When your cooler of great food and your trusty water bottle are kept within easy reach, you won’t need to worry about getting hungry in the middle of nowhere and choosing quick, unhealthy food.

Travel by Plane – Serious security means serious snack planning. A few snack bags are totally acceptable in your purse or carry-on bag. If you feel the flight is long enough that you need a protein shake, you can only carry it in 3oz. containers on the flight. It is best to bring a powder packet of dry shake mix to add to water once on board.

The most important travel tip for eating healthy is focusing on your trip rather than your food. If you keep your mind on your work or vacation, you won’t be worrying about staying away from fast food and hotel room service.

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