Eat Healthy While Working From Home

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Working from home is wonderful for many reasons, but it also has its pitfalls. While you’re enjoying the lack of a commute and the ability to work in your pajamas, you may find yourself experiencing negative side effects as well. Gaining weight is a common experience when beginning to work from home, and for good reason. Food is always available, and no one is around to stop you from snacking. If you want to cut down on your calories, it’s best to eat breakfast, cut down on snacking, and make healthy lunches and dinners.


Eat Breakfast

Breakfast is called the most important meal of the day because it sets the tone for your entire day and the food choices that you’ll make. Not only will you have more energy after eating breakfast, you’ll also be less likely to reach for unhealthy foods. A solid breakfast, like a bagel or a bowl of high-fiber cereal, will keep your blood sugar in check by slowing absorption. Since you’ve eaten, you won’t be ravenous by lunchtime – and you definitely won’t need to snack over the course of the morning. In this way, the calories you take in with breakfast will actually decrease the number of calories you take in later on.


Stop the Snacking

Snacking is probably the biggest culprit when it comes to work-from-home weight gain. A few calories here and there can easily add up. A handful of mixed nuts has 173 calories. It would take over half an hour on the treadmill to burn that off. Now, imagine yourself mindlessly taking several handfuls throughout the day. And that’s a snack that most people would consider healthy! If your tastes run toward chips or chocolate, your calorie intake may be even higher.

It’s fine to have a small amount of snacks, but the problem comes when you don’t know when to stop. When the food is always available, it’s so easy to just keep taking more without thinking about it. A simple solution is to buy pre-portioned snacks, or divide them into portions after you buy them. Instead of a family-sized bag of chips, buy individual servings, or portion it up into Ziploc bags.

Keep your snacks in the kitchen, not in your workspace. If other people in your home will eat your food, consider keeping them in your bedroom instead. Either way, the snacks will be less available, and less tempting too. If you have to get up and go to another room to get your candy, it will be a conscious choice instead of a mindless one.

If you’re completely addicted to snacking throughout the day, opt for low-calorie options. Be sure to check the calorie count rather than just assuming. Cucumbers and carrots are good, while bananas and mangos have more energy content. Plain popcorn is one of the lowest calorie options, with only 31 calories in a cup. This means popcorn with absolutely nothing on it, not microwave popcorn that’s full of seasoning and butter.


Make Healthy Meals

Since you’re working from home, you have no excuse to eat unhealthy meals. Your boss may be stressing you out, but resist the urge to hop onto UberEats. Why get take-out when you have extra time from skipping your commute? Use your newfound extra time wisely. If your cooking skills are subpar, now is the moment to upgrade them. When you cook for yourself, you’ll use much less salt and oil than a restaurant would. Even if you eat the same amount of food, it will have dramatically fewer calories. Not only will you consume fewer calories, you’ll save money and be healthier overall. Your wallet and your arteries will both thank you.


Weight gain is common while working from home, but it’s not inevitable. You can eat clean while working from home, even if it’s a change in your routine. When you eat breakfast, skip the snacking, and make healthy meals, you may soon find it’s easier to stay healthy than ever before.

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