Common Diet Mistakes

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It can be extremely frustrating to watch what you eat, exercise, and still find that you are not losing weight. Other times, you may lose weight, but find that you gain it back as soon as it comes off. If this happens to you, you may be making one or more of the following diet mistakes:

  1. Misreading nutrition labels. If you are inadvertently serving yourself more than the serving size on the package, you could be adding hundreds of calories to your daily diet. Read labels carefully, and if necessary, weigh foods to get an idea of the ideal portion. Stick to your meal plan and the calorie allowances that you have made.
  2. Not taking into account extras. Nibbling on bread dipped in olive oil before a restaurant meal in Auburn, or ending the evening with a cream-topped latte can add a lot of calories and fat. Be aware of what you are eating, and keep your portions reasonable.
  3. Unconscious eating. An open bag of chips in front of you while you surf the web or watch TV can be a major landmine. It’s easy to devour the entire bag while you are not paying attention. Make sure that when you eat, you are concentrating on that activity alone.
  4. Eating too quickly. It takes several minutes for your stomach to let your brain know that it is full. If you are eating too quickly, you can easily overeat in this period of time. Eat slowly and pause often to sip from your water glass, and be conscious of every bite. This makes meals more enjoyable and ensures that you eat the right amount.



2 Responses to “Common Diet Mistakes”
  • Lenore says:

    Especially like #2. But all were a good checklist for awareness.

  • Gina Taro says:

    How about when you normally eat sugar free popsicles and fudgies, pre-count the calories, and find out that the last time you rushed in the grocery store you bought the wrong ones! Double calories, PLUS I eat them after I brush my teeth. Cavity city…and a good way to make 130 calories become 260. It doesn’t seem like that much, but when it is your extra treat on top of your regular calories because you EXERCISED, you ruined it all! Just kill me now…ughhhh


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