Choosing the Diet Plan That’s Right for You

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It’s often been said that the right diet plan is the one you will actually follow. All the low-calorie foods and healthy snacks in the world won’t help you if you enjoy splurging on a loaded pizza for dinner and a dish of ice cream for a late-night treat. Still, if you feel you can’t monitor your eating habits well enough on your own to make a difference, you are probably looking through the baffling maze of diet plan options and wondering which plan holds the winning ticket for you.


It’s not uncommon for people to make their way through a variety of highly publicized diet programs in search of the one that’s right for them. While there is no one-size-fits-all plan that has a guaranteed success rate, there are common features in most plans that can help you on the road to achieving your diet goals.


  1. Accountability is important in changing your diet. After all, if you don’t understand how much you’re eating now, how will you be able to reduce or modify your eating in the future? Accountability involves some sort of record keeping. It can be a food journal. It can be an online app. It can be a white board on the wall. It needs to be something visual so you can compare this week to last month and see where you’ve made progress and where you still don’t seem to have a good idea how to proceed.
  2. Good diet plans offer a specific breakdown of the foods you should be eating. This doesn’t mean you need to purchase prepared food from the diet program itself. It just means you need guidance. You need recipes, shopping lists and information on how to pair foods together to create nutritious meals.
  3. Education is vital to a successful diet plan. You need to learn the critical facts on the nutrition label so you can continue to make informed choices at the grocery store. You need to understand how many calories you need to burn to lose a pound of body weight. You need to understand how important it is to consume the right foods, not just how to consume less food. A good diet plan must carry you through, beyond just the relatively simple act of losing the weight, to the more complicated efforts involved in maintaining your victories.
  4. A good diet plan is forgiving. It allows for some flexibility in your choices. You cannot make or break your diet with a single indulgent meal or a wild, crazy weekend where you let go of all your strong resolve. A good diet is one that works for a lifetime, not just until you drop those last 10 pounds.
  5. Choose a diet plan that does not restrict entire food groups. Nutritional science is expanding every day. No one knows when or where a miraculous new nutrient will be identified. Healthy eating and a healthy body weight come from eating across the full spectrum of wholesome foods.



It’s important to understand your goals when you choose a diet plan. Don’t stop with the simple act of losing weight. Instead, build a healthy diet around the goal of achieving strength, fitness and a body weight that is in alignment with your age, body type and overall health requirements.

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