Choices for Controlling Carbs and Sweets

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1. Stop entirely – toss the bad stuff, clean the cupboards and eliminate the starches and sweets entirely. Start planning your meals and eating (something with protein) every 3 hours to keep your sugar’s stable and minimize cravings.

2. Wean- Chromium Piconate over the counter can be helpful with cravings. Please talk to Dr. Scinta at your next office visit if you would like to learn more about chromium or other options. Get rid of the things that you can live without (like holiday cookies and bread) and wean from the things you feel that you can’t (like chocolate)

3. Substitute- Write down the problem foods and come up with healthy alternatives. Take a look at this list for example:

For Substitute
Chocolate Dark chocolate kiss, hot chocolate, fudge sickle, sugar free pudding, protein bar
Ice Cream 100 cal desserts, frozen yogurt, low fat shake, Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich
Potato Chips, Doritos, etc. Popcorn, rice cakes, soy snacks, baked chips
Sour Cream Low fat plain yogurt

Remember it’s a process. The first couple of days are painful (you are literally detoxing from these addictive foods) but as your energy creeps back up, you will realize that it is all worth it.



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  • cheryl epstein says:

    Doc! Just when I feel like giving up I get this great message from you on what to do on how to fix my weight loss challenges. And how normal it is to have these challenges! So here I go, I’m trying again!!!

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