Can Thirst Manifest As Hunger?

Posted: Mar 16 in Healthy Eating Menu, Lifestyle by

The claim that hunger pangs may be a symptom of thirst is a common piece of dieting lore. Just drink a glass of water, the story goes, and those hunger pangs will magically disappear.

Unfortunately, this simply isn’t true. While getting a little extra water is always a good idea, it’s a myth that hunger could really be dehydration. If you’re experiencing hunger pangs, your body is telling you it’s low on fuel and you should probably eat something soon. Gulping glass after glass of water or diet drinks can produce a temporary sensation of fullness, but won’t supply any of the nutrition your body is clamoring for. By ignoring hunger, you’re setting yourself up for a blood-sugar crash later on — and potentially creating the urge to binge when you finally do eat. Instead of trying to trick your body with excessive fluid consumption when you’re hungry between meals, have a small, healthy snack such as a piece of fruit or a handful of nuts and seeds.

It’s true that most of us would benefit from better hydration, and having a large glass of water or another low-calorie beverage with your meal can help you feel more satisfied, slowing your eating so that you consume fewer calories overall. Whether you live in Fayetteville, Dewitt, or Syracuse, just don’t attempt to replace normal, healthy eating with overconsumption of water and other fluids.

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