Boredom and Hunger – A Recipe for Diet Failure

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If you have ever failed at a weight loss diet, you probably believe you simply did not have the willpower to stick to the program. As you continue to have weight loss failures, that thought will become stronger, to the point you just give up. More often than not, lack of willpower is not why you did not stay on a diet. The real cause of diet failure is most often boredom.

This boredom, in the form of food boredom, exercise boredom, and even general boredom, is more dangerous to your diet than a plate of your favorite cookies sitting in front of you. You need to look at each form of detrimental boredom to find ways to combat it and stick to your diet.

Food boredom means you are sick to death of eating the same things over and over again. You are bored with it, and you need to mix it up. The only way to combat this type of diet boredom is to try new dishes. That does not mean you take the same, tired ingredients you have been consuming and prepare them in different ways. It means stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things. If you hated fish as a child, try it again. Taste buds change as you age, and fish may be one of your favorite foods if you try it. If you’ve never tasted or cooked with eggplant, find a recipe and give it a try.

Make it a point to try two or three new foods each week, and you will no longer fail your diet due to food boredom. As you look through recipes, keep calories, fat content, sugars, and protein in mind. You can step out of your comfort zone, but you cannot escape the need to control your portions or to avoid certain foods.

Exercise boredom is another diet killer. If you are doing the same workout routines day in and day out, it will get boring. It will also stop fully benefitting you. If you are not working all of your muscles, including your heart, you are only getting minimal results from your efforts. That does not mean you have to work every muscle every day. Work different groups of muscles each day. For example, on Monday, work those arm muscles. On Tuesdays, work your leg muscles. Wednesdays can be set aside for cardio workouts. Thursdays you might want to work on strengthening your core.

You also need new routines. Try to avoid doing the same exercises every Tuesday. Make a list of the many ways you can exercise each group of muscles. For instance, various ways to work the leg muscles may include weight training, walking, running, rollerblading or biking. Variety in exercise is just as important as food variety, and it makes exercising more fun.

General boredom is the most significant danger of them all. Do you get hungry watching television? That probably means the television program is annoying you. Get up and do something else. Do you feel a constant need to have busy hands? Take up knitting or something similar. You may also chew gum or suck on ice to keep your mouth busy. The idea here is to keep your mind occupied with something unrelated to food.

You should also ensure you have no reason to walk into the kitchen throughout the day or evening unless you’re hungry for a meal or snack. Do not go in there if you’re hungry just because you are bored. That is harder in cold weather when you are stuck in the house. Although it is seldom fun, use that time to do some heavy cleaning and organizing, which will help you lose weight and get your house in good order at the same time.

When you do start to feel hungry, you must determine if the hunger you feel is real. For example, if dinner was two hours ago, and you begin to feel hungry while mindlessly watching television, your appetite is likely due to boredom. However, if you’ve been working to clean and organize your house for the last four hours, your hunger is probably real, and you need a diet-friendly snack.

Remember, your past failures were not due to lack of willpower. Those failures were due to boredom. With that knowledge firmly in your mind, your self-esteem will dramatically rise, and you will finally realize weight loss success.

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