Benefits of Recording and Journaling Food Triggers

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Recording your food triggers may sound pointless at first. You may be wondering how you can record in a journal, app, or video what your triggers are when you don’t even know what they are at first. There are a few points to keep in mind in regards to why you are recording your food triggers, even when you may not know what they are at first. Here are those key points that will answer the why of recording your food triggers and what steps to take to get started.


Tracking the Triggers

The goal is to find out what your food triggers are, but you may not know what they are right away. One of the main reasons to start recording your food triggers, and emotional eating moments, is to find what is triggering the response that leads you to the food to begin with. You do this by journaling and reviewing what you record. Keep in mind, you don’t have to write in a journal to do this or to track what you are recording. You can use an app that simply lets you record how you are feeling along with the food. Go back and review this and you will start to see a pattern. Maybe it’s someone you see at work, a sign you see, or a certain emotion you keep feeling. Once you see the repetition, you can begin working it out of your routine and cutting down on the triggers.


Tracking the Food Itself

Another reason to record your food triggers is to narrow down your unhealthy triggers and focus on what it is about them that connects you. For example, you may find that most of your food triggers are not the same but they do share being salty or having a certain flavor. This will help you figure out if one of the reasons you are triggering is because you are lacking a mineral or nutrient. At that point, you can replace the food with a healthy option that gives you what your body needs while satisfying your trigger.


Emotional Tracking

When you think about recording your food triggers, you may be thinking about just narrowing down the food and what to replace or remove. Keep in mind that emotional issues are a huge trigger for many people and can be radiating out in your life in more ways than just food. By recording your triggers, you can also record you emotional responses and try to work on the root of those issues as well.


Though you may still feel like recording your food triggers won’t help, don’t get discouraged before you get started. You will find that, as time goes on, you’ll start to see the triggers and be able to eliminate them or cope with them depending on what they are.

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