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Surviving social eating during medical weight loss in Syracuse and FayettevilleHow to survive social eating during medical weight loss

Picture yourself seated at your favorite restaurant, surrounded by your closest friends and family members. Everyone else is smiling, enjoying the great food and conversation, but you’re anxious and unable to appreciate a minute of it. All around you, people are eating and drinking things that would derail your diet, and you’re finding it more difficult to maintain your weight loss meal plan with each passing minute.

If you’ve decided to pursue medical weight loss in Syracuse or Fayetteville, social eating situations like these may be a frequent source of unease. You may feel pressured to break your diet or give in to the temptation of an unhealthy meal choice—especially when dining out with those who don’t share your goal of healthier living. Where social meals were once a source of fun, they’re now a source of stress—but this doesn’t have to be the case.

Even if your friends and family give your diet more stress than they do support, remember that only you hold the key to successfully completing your medical weight loss program. Though the temptation to break your diet may seem insurmountable in social situations, don’t tarnish all the hard work you’ve done by giving in. Instead, use these tips to make your social dining experiences as healthy and stress-free as possible:

  • Talk to your friends about medical weight loss. Don’t languish in an uncomfortable eating situation alone—confide in your friends and get them on your side. If you’re out with several people who aren’t on a diet, explain to the others that you’re taking steps to slim down with medical weight loss. This will not only deter them from offering you tempting treats—they may even encourage you to stay on track or help you prevent a slip-up.
  • Go online. If fear of the menu has you dreading an upcoming dinner date, try checking out the restaurant online. In this Internet-centric age, you can see the menus of countless restaurants without even stepping in the door—and this can make your eating decisions much easier. Though they may not list specific nutritional facts on each entrée, you will likely be able to determine whether or not that restaurant has a meal that will fit your diet and plan accordingly. If it doesn’t, suggest a different place that does.
  • Stay grounded. You should have a great time when you go out with your friends, but don’t let yourself get carried away in the moment. When you’re celebrating something or spending time with someone you haven’t seen in a long time, the good times can dull your judgment and make it harder to say no to overindulgence. Instead of letting a great time turn into a bad decision, just focus on the conversation and fun you’re all having together. Spending time with your friends is, after all, the reason you went out in the first place—not the food.

Just because you’ve started medical weight loss in Syracuse or Fayetteville doesn’t mean you have to avoid all of your favorite restaurants—nor does it mean you need to avoid friends who don’t share the same weight loss focus that you do. With the right mindset and strategies, you can stick to your diet in any social dining situation and take the stress out of an enjoyable experience.

How else can we stay healthy when dining with friends during medical weight loss in Syracuse or Fayetteville? Share your experiences and tips with us in the comments below!

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