7 Amazing Superfoods to Stock Up on Today

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Going to the grocery store can be an overwhelming experience sometimes. The sheer volume of foods on offer can make choosing the right products difficult, especially if you are concerned about your diet, watching your weight or trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

To make matters worse, many grocery stores emphasize their highest margin products, prioritizing convenience foods and processed foods and pushing healthier fare to the margins. But if you know how to shop, you can fill your cart with some amazing and delicious superfoods. Here are seven essential superfoods to stock up on your next trip to the grocery store.

  1. Blueberries – Whether you enjoy them with a healthy fresh salad, as a topping to your frozen yogurt or on their own, blueberries belong in your refrigerator. So stuck up when these tiny blue beauties go on sale and enjoy them every night.
  1. Avocados – There is more to the humble avocado that just guacamole, and these nutrient-rich beauties are perfect for salads, side dishes and anything else your culinary mind can come up with.
  1. Salmon – If you have a hankering for fresh seafood, you cannot go wrong with salmon. This amazing fish is a true superfood, with healthy omega fatty acids, plenty of protein and an amazing taste. Pick up plenty on your next grocery outing; you can grill up some salmon steaks and freeze the rest.
  1. Kale – This salad staple is a true superfood, and the perfect start for any salad. You can also add kale to smoothies, pasta sauces and anything else you are cooking, so you can add more veggies to your daily diet without breaking a sweat.
  1. Eggs – Eggs get a bad rap sometimes, but they clearly belong on the superfood list. Eggs are rich in protein and other healthy nutrients, and you can enjoy them in countless ways, from over easy at breakfast to a delicious quiche for dinner.
  1. Garlic – If you want to spice things up in the kitchen, look no further than those fragrant cloves of garlic. You will smell them before you see them, and once you have them in hand you can use them in any number of ways, from adding a pinch of garlic to your favorite sauces to incorporating this delicious superfood into all your recipes.
  1. Turmeric – If your spice rack needs a healthy twist, just pick up a jar of turmeric. This is a true superfood, rich in nutrients and perfect for virtually every recipe. Just add a pinch of turmeric to all your meals and enjoy this amazing superfood every day.

Superfoods are special, rich in antioxidants, nutrients and everything else you need to live a healthier lifestyle. So the next time to go to the grocery store, be sure to stock up on these amazing, delicious and healthy superfoods.

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