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Why Sugar Creates Havoc with Your Body

If you discover your waistline is getting bigger, you might be quick to blame the fat in your diet and start cutting back on that without considering other possible reasons. The problem probably is the sugar in your diet; everyone knows that sugar often leads to diabetes, tooth decay, and sugar crashes. However, many people don’t realize that consuming too much sugar will also sabotage any efforts to lose belly fat. [Read more]

Can Thirst Manifest As Hunger?

The claim that hunger pangs may be a symptom of thirst is a common piece of dieting lore. Just drink a glass of water, the story goes, and those hunger pangs will magically disappear. Unfortunately, this simply isn’t true. [Read more]

Healthy Holiday Recipes

Healthy holiday recipes that’ll bring an added flair to the table without the additional calories and headache. The recipes consist of an appetizer, two sides and a delicious dessert. Try one or try all four and bring a smile to your family and friends’ faces. [Read more]

Holiday Eating

Have you ever wondered how many minutes of exercise it would take to burn off your holiday meal? Or perhaps just snacks such as crackers with cheese or cookies. Listed below are specific types of exercise and how many minutes it would take to burn off food items common to the holidays. [Read more]

Portion Size

Everywhere you look, something new is being blamed for America’s obesity crisis. We are eating too much and moving too little. It is due to our stress and our lack of sleep. We are dining in our car, eating on the run, and choosing foods from a box or a fast food restaurant over healthy, homemade meals. Yesterday, fat was to blame, and today it is sugar. [Read more]

Risks and Benefits: The Very Low Calorie Diet

When you want to lose weight the go-to answer is to eat less and move more. But for those who have struggled with weight gain and obesity for most of their lives, simply eating less isn’t enough of an answer. Exercise will help tone muscle, but if you are eating the wrong foods then you could just be breaking even every day, even with those daily trips to the gym. [Read more]

Is Your Diet Providing enough Protein?

There is more wrong with that doughnut for breakfast than you may already know. Breakfast has long been touted as the most important meal of the day; and there are reasons as to why this is said. Breakfast is your first chance to start your day off right. Too much food in the morning and you are setting yourself up for a sluggish and calorie-loaded day. Not enough food and you may find yourself hungry and making unwise snacking choices throughout the day. [Read more]

Learning about Sugar Substitutes

If you want to reduce the amount of refined sugar in your diet there are more options than ever. Learn a bit more about the types available, and their pros and cons. [Read more]

Plant Protein and Medical Weight Loss

Though medical weight loss can take some uncertainty out of your diet, you won’t be on meal replacements forever. [Read more]

How to Recognize a Fad Diet – And Why You Should Avoid Them

If you’re a night owl, you’ve probably seen countless paid ads touting all kinds of miracle diets that guarantee you’ll lose weight. And while many of the fakes are easy to spot, some diet ads are so cleverly designed, it can be difficult to determine if they’re really worth your time and investment or if they’re just another flash in the pan. [Read more]