Winter Weather Weight Loss Workouts

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Get Out of Your Gym and Weight Loss Center in New York for Winter WorkoutsHow to use your exercise routine to take advantage of New York’s winter wonderland

Step out the doors of your home or weight loss center in New York and you’re sure to notice one thing: it is cold and getting colder. With another Empire State winter in full swing, many exercisers have already retreated to the comfort of centrally-heated fitness centers and home gyms, hoping to keep their workouts free of the snowy streets and chilly air ahead. But is winter exercise hibernation really necessary?

Outdoor activities can provide unique workouts that just can’t be replicated indoors. You may have devoted time to a few of them this summer, but the cold weather doesn’t mean your fun outside has to end. Instead, you merely need to modify your approach and make the most of winter weather by diving into a few activities that this time of year is perfect for.

Even with snow on the ground, you can use your workouts to explore exciting new activities that keep you interested in your workout routine and motivated for more. Here are a few fun wintry activities and the calories they can help you burn in an hour:

  • Sledding – 485 calories on average.
  • Ice skating – 511 to 763 calories.
  • Downhill skiing – 314 to 469 calories.
  • Cross country skiing – 496 to 741 calories.

As you can see, some of the most common sources of winter fun can be great workouts. You can even break a good sweat by shoveling snow or starting a snowball fight. However, when heading outside for any winter activity, it’s important to be prepared. If you suffer from asthma or circulation issues, it’s a good idea to speak with the staff at your weight loss center to make sure you’ll be able to exercise safely in winter weather.

For most people, outdoor winter exercise is completely safe—our bodies work hard to maintain their core temperatures regardless of the weather, and exercise is very effective at heating us up. Still, you’ll need to dress accordingly.

  • Wear layers, but not too many. Though it will be cold at first, overdressing can lead to excessive sweating, and that extra moisture on your skin will actually lower your body temperature. Instead, wear an inner layer of synthetic, moisture-wicking fabric, followed by a layer of insulation (try wool or fleece) and an outer, waterproof layer to protect you from the elements.
  • Cover your extremities with gloves, thick socks and a hat. Your extremities are at the highest risk in cold weather because they’re furthest from the concentrated blood flow in your core—this makes it especially important to protect them.

Though you may feel compelled to wait out the winter in the comfort of your gym, home and weight loss center in New York, you don’t have to stay cooped up. What are some of your favorite outdoor winter workouts? Share them in the comments below!

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