Walking Workouts for Weight Loss

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Increasing your physical activity is a great way to get healthy, lose weight, and feel better about yourself. Walking is a favorite exercise for many people because it’s easy to do and inexpensive compared to gym memberships or elaborate fitness equipment. But how can you prevent getting bored with your walking routine or hitting a weight loss plateau? Check out these routines that will help you lose weight and enjoy variety with your walking routine.

4 Walking Workouts for Weight Loss

  1. Interval training. Interval routines are great for burning fat. The idea is to alternate between high- or moderate-intensity and low-intensity walking during your workout. For example, you might walk very quickly for two minutes, slowly for one, and then quickly again for another two minutes.
  2. Resistance training. Building lean muscle mass will help boost your metabolism in the long term, because muscle requires more energy to maintain than fat. To incorporate resistance training into your walking workouts, use an exercise band to work out your upper body as you walk.
  3. Endurance training. Walking at a moderate-intensity pace for about an hour can help your body burn calories for up to 7 1/2 hours after you’ve completed your workout. While you might not walk as quickly on these long walks, walking for a longer period of time will help you get more from the exercise.
  4. Speed walking. For speed walking, you’ll maintain a high-intensity pace for the entire workout, although you may actually walk for less time. Speed walking has been shown to specifically help attack belly fat.

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