Make Time to Exercise for Medical Weight Loss

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Make Time to Exercise for Medical Weight Loss in Fayetteville or DeWittThough we all have only 24 hours in a day, it’s up to us to decide how to use them. It can sometimes seem impossible to complete all the tasks we set out for ourselves, but when it comes to crucial tasks of your weight loss program like working out, you can never be “too busy.” If you hope to reach your goals, you’ll need to find time to devote to exercise—or make time.

Fortunately, we can almost always find somewhere to fit in exercise. By scrutinizing your schedule and taking advantage of every opportunity to become more active, you can help yourself get the exercise you need every day, and this will be a big help with medical weight loss.

It becomes much easier to fit in fitness if you:

Plan Out Your Whole Day

Do you know how you spend each minute of each day? Though it can seem like overkill to assign a specific schedule for your actions in every moment, doing so can help you get a better idea of how you’re using time, and more importantly, how you’re wasting time.

Over the next few days, keep a notepad with you and write down what you do and how long you do it. When do you get up, and how long does it take you to get ready in the morning? What do you do on your lunch break? How long do you watch TV or surf the web each evening? Start looking for patterns and stretches of time that could be put to better use.

Too often we think we lack the time for important tasks, but spend hours each day doing unimportant things. Reassess your priorities and try cutting down on leisure activities to make more room for exercise.

Squeeze Activity into Every Moment

If you’re having trouble finding one 30-minute block of time for exercise, remember: you don’t have to get all your exercise at once. Making every moment more physically demanding will keep you active all day, helping you get your workout in little increments that add up to something much more significant by the end of the day.

Think of ways to make simple chores into more of a workout—invest in a push-reel lawnmower, do the laundry by hand, dedicate more time to weeding the garden. Turn time with family and friends into exercise by throwing a Frisbee at the park instead of watching a movie. Run nearby errands on foot or by bike and leave the car at home.

In our modern world we’re surrounded by shortcuts, but they aren’t always good for us. More movement of any kind will help you during medical weight loss, even if it seems too simple to be a “real workout.”

If you ever catch yourself making the self-defeating assertion that you’re “too busy to exercise,” stop to think: is this really true? We can almost always make exercise fit—it just takes a critical eye to see the best places to put it.

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