Staying Active On The Road

Posted: Aug 29 in Getting Active by

Staying Active On The RoadTravel can throw a curveball into your routine – but you can use that to your advantage. Instead of letting time on the road be an excuse for not being active, try to use the new surroundings to help motivate you instead. One great way to be more physical on the road is to take a camera with you. If you are traveling by car, build in a few scenic stops so that you can get out, stretch your legs and take a few photographs. Not only will you be developing a new hobby, but you will also be more likely to want to spend a little time walking around. Be sure to wear shoes that are comfortable–that will also help.

If you are taking an airplane to your destination, use your time in the air to plan a few “tourist” stops where you can go and take some photos. Check out a book or two on your destination from the local library or research it online so you can read up on places you might be interested in visiting. If you can get yourself excited about going to see a national monument or a natural wonder, it will help motivate you to get out and do things once you arrive. Taking photos will help you remember how much you enjoyed the experience and give you some incentive for the next trip.

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