Stay Alert through Exercise!

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Exercise is a great way to lose weight, but your toned physique is not the only reason for strapping on those sneakers. Many people use exercise to tone up the muscles and stay stronger while others may use it to stay mentally healthy. Physical activity helps the body to release chemicals called endorphins that help mental health by activating positive feelings within the body. This helps to fight off depression and other negative moods that may affect the mental well-being of an individual.

In addition to these and other advantages of exercise such as reducing stress and improving the quality of sleep, it is also good for sharpening the brain as people age. As our bodies age, the brain begins to lose nerve tissue. This can result in memory problems and cognitive difficulties. Physical activity may help to reduce the amount of tissue lost throughout time, helping to restore alertness and even prevent dementia.

When some people think of exercise, they envision a rigorous routine that they will have to dedicate much of their time to. Almost any type of moderate activity can improve mental health and cognitive abilities. Moderate activity can be done anywhere at almost any time. For example, to lose weight in Cazenovia or simply to improve your mental health, make it a goal to fit in 15 minutes of walking at least three times a week. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator when possible or standing instead of sitting can assist with weight loss and help keep the body flexible.

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