SMART Fitness Goals to Lose Weight

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SMART Fitness Goals to Lose Weight in Syracuse, FayettevilleBe SMART with your fitness goals to lose weight in Syracuse, Fayetteville and DeWitt.

Just as you’ll lose weight safely and gradually with medical weight loss, you’ll want to ease into fitness by breaking down larger goals into small and achievable steps. Realistic fitness goals help you build confidence, which can propel you even further as you lose weight. If you’re unsure if your fitness goals are realistic, don’t hesitate to ask Dr. Scinta. And when in doubt, think SMART when contemplating your goals for fitness.

How to Make SMART Fitness Goals

Before you began to lose weight, you may have had a particular weight loss goal in mind that you shared with Dr. Scinta. Depending on that particular goal, Dr. Scinta designed a weight loss program that fit your specific needs.

You can design your fitness goals in the same manner. To start, choose a few goals that pertain to physical activity. Your fitness goals may include running a 5K at the end of your program, walking a certain number of miles or swimming 50 laps in the pool without stopping for a break—whatever your fitness goals are, just make sure they’re SMART:

  • Specific – Pay attention to the fine details of your fitness goals. Define the who, what, where and when to make sure your goals are well-defined.
  • Measurable – Make your fitness goals measurable so you’re able to gauge progress and attainment.
  • Attainable – Attainable fitness goals aren’t too easy, but not too difficult either. Attainable goals are appropriate according to your current fitness level and desire to lose weight.
  • Realistic – Fitness goals must be relevant and realistic according to your particular weight loss needs and fitness abilities.
  • Timely – Always attach a specific timeline for achieving your goals. It may even help to form your fitness goals around your medical weight loss program’s timeline. Defining completion times will help you remain on course and motivated to reach your goals to lose weight.

Instead of setting one big goal, try setting smaller goals that will boost your confidence as you lose weight. Goals that are SMART can keep you motivated as you become active and continue with your medical weight loss program.

Remember that it’s okay if you encounter a setback with a SMART goal. Roadblocks are a natural occurrence for any journey—medical weight loss included. If you weren’t physically active before starting medical weight loss, transitioning into an active lifestyle can be tough. Just take each day as it comes and remember to form your fitness goals according to your needs and abilities.

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