Resistance Bands to Strengthen and Tone

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Resistance Bands to Strengthen and ToneIf you want to find a way to tone and build muscle without stressing your joints as much as weights can, then resistance bands could be your solution. Resistance bands are elasticized bands that you pull apart with your hands and legs in different positions in order to gain some muscle. Resistance bands give some resistance to your efforts to pull them, which exercises your muscles and sparks growth.

Resistance bands come in different shapes, colors, sizes and resistances. Some resistance bands are very thin, almost like a jump rope. The thin bands usually have handles to make it easier to work out with them. Other resistance bands are three inches wide and flat. They resemble very wide ribbons.

When you purchase resistance bands, you will need to choose a resistance level. Some bands are like a very loose rubber band that has lost elasticity. Others are very taut. The more taut, the harder and more demanding the workout. Be sure to start at a lower resistance and work your way up to avoid pulling or straining muscles. The more manageable your workout, the more likely you are to stick to it longer. YouTube has over 1000 videos on working with resistance bands so it is a useful resource for ideas for targeting specific muscle groups. As with any new physical activity, check with your primary care doctor or Dr. Scinta before investing in resistance bands.

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