Pumping Up Your Weight Loss Workouts

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Pumping Up Your Workouts for Medical Weight Management in FayettevilleWhen you begin medical weight management in Fayetteville or DeWitt, you’ll be feeling the effects of your exercise program quite acutely. All the good your workouts are doing will be obvious in sore muscles and buckets of sweat, and you may notice your fitness steadily progressing. This can be a great feeling, but it unfortunately will not last forever.

To continue making progress with your exercise routine, you’ll need to gradually up the ante, pushing your body to work harder and faster. Sticking to the same workout will deliver only diminishing returns—we must consistently strive to challenge ourselves to build strong, healthy bodies. If you don’t continually update the intensity of your workouts, you may find yourself at a fitness plateau, faced with the frustrating fact that your progress has leveled off.

If you feel that your workout is starting to stagnate, you may just need a few tips on improving the intensity of your exercise. Fortunately, there are many simple ways to do this, including:

  • Going out of balance. Staying upright on an unstable surface recruits many muscle groups that standing on solid ground will not, especially in the core. Sometimes, all you need to keep getting more out of the same activity is to find shaky new ground to do it on. BOSU balls, wobble boards and stability balls can all help you get more out of simple exercises, so see if your gym has these tools available.
  • Getting minimal. Sure, those big weight machines make resistance training easy, but easy isn’t always what you want. Doing strength training with free weights will use more muscles as you work to stay steady without the help of the machine. You can also burn more calories and engage your core while strength training by using bodyweight exercises—try pushups, squats, planks and lunges for simple bodyweight workouts.
  • Sticking to a circuit. Circuit training, in which you move quickly from one exercise into another, can be a great way to get more out of your workouts quickly. Try stringing activities together without breaks in between, focusing on different muscle groups with each one. You can do this with cardiovascular exercises, strength training exercises or combine both for a full-body workout.

Any workout is better than no workout, but it may be worth reevaluating the intensity of your workout if you’re starting to get too comfortable. Remember to check with your doctor before increasing the intensity of your workout.

What other strategies have helped you keep workouts challenging during medical weight management in Fayetteville or DeWitt? Tell us in the comments below.

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