Popular Biking Trails in the Central New York Area

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Popular Biking Trails in the Central New York AreaFinding an exercise program you can stick with is one of the challenges of losing weight and keeping it off.  Staying motivated with your weight loss exercise program is easier if you can add variety and even a little adventure to it. Cycling is a popular choice for many of our weight loss patients as it adapts easily to busy lifestyles and can be both an indoor and outdoor activity.

Central New York State has no shortage of biking trails ideal for a lazy afternoon sightseeing tour or a more adventurous cross country workout. Here are a few of our favorite trails:

Bear Swamp State Forest: In this state forest is a biking trail called the Long Loop Trail. This trail is 7.2 miles long and weaves through glacier formed ridges and valleys. The entire forest is 3, 316 acres and there are over 13 miles worth of trails within.

Hammond Hill State Forest Trail: Measuring 10.4 miles, the Hammond trail offers a trip through a state forest with thousands of different trees. This is a great shady ride.

Kinney Creek Trail: This short trail is nice when you don’t have time for a long bike ride. It measures just 1.5 miles and is a former railroad bed. It winds you right through the woods.

Onondaga Lake Park Trails: There are many different trails in this park, but if you ride them all you’ll clock a good 12.5 miles on your bike. Most of the trails are flat, which is a great attraction in this area.

If you have a favorite trail to share – leave a comment below so other readers can enjoy it too.

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