Overcoming Obstacles To Exercise during Weight Loss

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Overcoming Obstacles To Exercise during Weight LossAlthough you probably already know that you need to increase your activity level as part of your weight loss program, you may be using one of many common excuses to avoid getting started. You’re not alone. However, overcoming these obstacles—no matter how common they may be—is essential for achieving long-term weight loss results.

Overcoming Obstacles To Exercise during a Weight Loss Program 

  1. Rethink exercise. Perhaps you’re intimidated by the idea of working out in front of people or trying to use elaborate gym equipment. Maybe you link the idea of exercise with negative experiences in your past with organized sports or fitness classes. The reality is that exercise as part of your weight loss program can be achieved in a number of different ways and many of them won’t require a membership or even a change of clothes. Ride a bike to work instead of driving. Take a walk after dinner with your family. Go dancing with your spouse. All of these activities get your body moving and your heart pumping.
  2. Make time. Many people assume that they don’t have time for exercise because they are already very busy. Of course, the truth is that you have the exact same amount of time in your day as every other busy person—including the busy people who exercise regularly. The key is to make exercise a priority in your schedule instead of hoping a good time to workout comes up. Make an appointment with yourself and fit it into your day the same way you would other important tasks.
  3. Focus on the process, not the results. It can take weeks to see visible results from exercising. If you’re starting to exercise after weight loss and don’t notice a dramatic change soon, you may be tempted to tell yourself it’s not working and give up. Instead, ask yourself if you feel differently. Most people report a change in mood and energy levels within days of starting a workout program. You should also remember that the most important health benefits, including a reduced risk of premature death, will never be seen.

If you have not exercised in a while, getting started can be intimidating.  In general, exercise is not part of your weight loss program immediately. Once you have lost some weight and discover that you have a lot more energy than you are used to, Dr. Scinta will add increased activity into your program.

When it is time to exercise, the easiest way to get started is to attend one of a group sessions with our personal trainers and let them show you the painless way to increase activity.  You will find that people who understand your concerns can show you ways to exercise that make it more like fun and a lot less like work.

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