Hate Working Out? Here Are Five Tips For Exercising Anyway

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Do you hate working out? Do you recognize that staying fit is crucial to health and wellness, but dislike exercise so much that you almost never work out? If so, you aren’t alone. Getting and staying fit is a mighty struggle for many of us. Luckily, all is not lost. Check out the following five practical exercise tips for people who hate working out.


  1. Take walks. Running and other forms of cardio may be arduous and no fun, but anyone can walk. Walking is as simple as it gets, exercise-wise, requiring neither training nor gear. Walking can also be more enjoyable than other workouts, especially if you live near a park or some nature trails. Anytime you can’t summon the motivation for a more demanding workout, just take a walk.


  1. Try a hobby that improves fitness. If you can’t stand the idea of working out, try a healthy activity that doesn’t feel like a miserable exercise session. Anything that gets your body moving will do. Dancing is a perfect example. Even a hobby like gardening will provide some valuable exercise. Getting a dog is another enjoyable way to easily add more exercise to your life.


  1. Focus on the benefits. If you don’t enjoy exercise, summoning the motivation needed for a workout will obviously be a challenge. Remembering that exercise isn’t actually pointless misery can help. Focus on the fact that regular exercise is vital to physical and mental health. Recall that regular exercise lowers risk for many terrible diseases and is the best way to fight the ill effects of aging.


  1. Exercise in small doses. The thought of having to follow a demanding daily workout routine can be intimidating. Instead, take advantage of small opportunities to fit more exercise into your everyday life. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator is a great example. Or, perform a few jumping jacks while watching TV.


  1. Take a class. Many exercise classes are designed to make working out less miserable. Such classes typically feature an upbeat fitness instructor who contrives to turn working out into a fun experience. There’s a social aspect to fitness classes too. Working out with other people will make exercise more enjoyable and will increase motivation.


You may not enjoy exercising, but that’s no excuse for following a completely sedentary, unhealthy lifestyle. Exercise is too important to not do at all. Ultimately, you’ll be glad if you get enough exercise. As the five tips described above prove, even people who don’t like working out at all can still find ways to exercise more.

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