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Happy July! I hope that everybody is getting out and moving during the warmer weather and especially enjoying the sunshine! I absolutely love summers in upstate New York! I hope you do too.

I was recently in Trader Joe’s and noticed on the wall a series of pictures that quietly explained much of Syracuse’s history. Not being originally from Syracuse, I found the pictures fascinating!

I have included six of them here: men working in the salt plants, dapper men (love the bow ties) in front of the Syracuse Post, elegant couples walking into the Hotel Syracuse, women working at Syracuse China, men making typewriters at the Smith Premier Typewriter Company-which eventually became Smith Corona, and Charles Lindbergh landing his “Spirit of St. Louis” in Syracuse’s Amboy Airport in 1927.



Many of you don’t know but one of the interesting new skills I have acquired over the past 10 years of working in weight loss is that I can pick peoples weight just by a quick glance. My husband has told me many times that I could make a good living working at the N.Y. State Fair each year guessing people’s weight. As you look at the pictures, you will notice that almost all of the people are at a healthy weight. In the 1920’s the obesity rates were not even tracked or measured because it was not a problem. The American obesity rates weren’t tracked until the 1950’s and for that decade, 33% of the US Adults were overweight and 9.7% were clinically obese (BMI over 30). Today the rates have skyrocketed to 70% of the nation overweight, with at least 33% obese. So if you struggle, you are more “normal” than you think.

So how did this happen? Did we all develop bad habits at once?  No- far from it. We live in an “obesigenic” environment where, unlike the old days, we have access to poor quality processed food, fast food, and now with technology, often coupled with a sedentary lifestyle. Streets are made for driving rather than walking or riding, and many of our jobs involve sitting at a desk. Think about it, we are being told to stand up and move every 30 minutes at our desk. In the 1920s, these folks were in constant motion!

This summer I would like you to take advantage of two wonderful assets we have here in Syracuse: fresh local produce, and beautiful parks and scenic roads. One of my mentors always said to me, “Eat local. Eat in season.” When I was little, I would help my grandma and grandpa in the garden in the summer, then late summer we would pick everything and “can it” to use in the winter. We have to think along those lines again. Buy some delicious local fruit or meat and freeze it for the summer. Grow a garden and harvest it to use in the fall and winter months. These are simple steps that will help you maintain good habits in the wintertime.

Finally, follow our forefathers, and get out there and move! It is so important to have this become a habit in the summer that you can eventually transfer to the slopes, or indoors as winter approaches.

Have a lovely July everyone! And remember, when I tell you that you lost weight, you have to trust me! I am the master of the fair game….

All the best in health,

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