Go the Distance with Your Weight-Control Plan

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Most people consider embarking on a diet or exercise program at some time of their life. When setting new weight-loss goals, most individuals shoot for the stars and start the process feeling highly motivated. But all too soon, they may feel powerless when there is little movement on the scale. That can lead some to take drastic measures, which is never a good thing.

Easy and quick weight loss due to drastic dieting and over-exercising are rarely sustainable. The road to true weight-loss, instead, can be long and enduring, but is the best way to take control of your weight.

True weight control requires commitment and vigilance. You start with a plan for healthy eating and exercise and you choose to go the distance. When you become derailed–which you will–remind yourself that every day is a new day to start again. Get back on your plan as early as you can.

Start Good Habits

When you add exercise to your diet plan, put it on your calendar. Don’t assume it will just magically happen. Book into an exercise class or plan a daily walk or workout at a certain time. Perhaps tell yourself you cannot eat another meal until you’ve done your exercise.

Since your body’s metabolism is so complex, it will be important to control your blood sugar by having regular meals at key times of the day that suite your body.

Refuse to indulge in high sugary treats and drinks because they are too good at throwing blood sugar off, causing spikes and plummets that lead to other health concerns.

Focus on consuming healthy foods, but don’t overindulge even in healthy foods. Five protein bars, for instance, can give you more calories than you need in a day.

Watch Your Mindset

Going the distance with your weight-loss program requires keeping your mindset healthy too. Don’t beat yourself up when you fall off your weight-loss roadmap. Analyze what might be going on and make small shifts to get back onto your plan.

Regrouping from time to time is important. This may include adjusting portion sizes and cutting back more on carbs, especially sugar and flour that have a tendency to seep into anyone’s diet.

Regrouping may mean adding in multiple short walks to your day. Try parking your car further from store or office entrances. Being mindful will require watching out for over-indulgence triggers like added stress or blood sugar dips.

Mind-tasting is something that occurs just by thinking of a favorite food. Mind-tasting is very powerful. It starts off with hints of food and then your gastric juices may actually turn on, driving you to go and eat. Resist mind-tasting as soon as you notice it creep up.

In time, consistent small changes to your diet and exercise program will add up. Every positive decision and habit will benefit your health in some way and hopefully get you where you want to be.

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