Give Weight Loss a Russian Swing

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Lose Weight in Syracuse with a KettlebellTrying to lose weight in Syracuse and Fayetteville? Give a Kettlebell a Swing!

When it comes to weight loss trends, it seems that old is often new. You can barely step out of the house without hearing about the newest diet or workout trend that is based on the way humans lived before all of our modern conveniences. Whether it’s running barefoot or eating like a caveman, some of those “new” trends really aren’t that new.

Here is a developing trend that might have some value to it. The kettle has been around for centuries, but in the age of programmable coffee pots the cast-iron staple is making a comeback in the way of workout equipment.

Kettlebells made their workout debut in the early eighteenth century when Russian strongmen began using heavy kettles to build strength, flexibility, endurance and balance. Though they fell out of the spotlight for a few hundred years, the cannonball-shaped devices are back in swing, complete with celebrity endorsements and group fitness classes that are popping up everywhere.

Grab a Bell and Get Started

If you have ever picked up hand weights at the gym or have tried a strength workout on your own, then a beginner kettlebell workout may be the next logical step.

The kettlebell is different from traditional hand weights for a few reasons. The bell shape and rubber handle make it so you hold the device with both hands. Unlike other strength training workouts, you will not target a single muscle with the kettlebell, but will use your whole body in a form of interval training.

If you are interested in trying out a kettlebell workout at home, then the best place to start is with the Russian Swing. This is the most basic kettlebell move, and a lot of other moves will build off of it.

To do this popular kettlebell move, stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. With the kettlebell in both hands, hold it steadily so it is even distance between your feet. With a short burst of energy, bend your hips and swing the kettlebell outwards so that your arms are even with your shoulders, and then hold the kettlebell in place for one second. Return to your standing position and swing the bell back down to its original position. For a quick workout, try repeating this move at least ten times.

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