Get Creative with your Workout Plans

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Get Creative with your Workout Plans

Losing weight doesn’t mean you have to subject yourself workouts you don’t enjoy. There are countless fun workouts that can spice up your medical weight loss routine. Changing your workout regularly will keep your muscles challenged and your mind interested, two factors that may increase your personal motivation to keep going.

Make sure that you talk to your weight loss doctor before trying anything new or strenuous. Once you are ready for the challenge, consider a few of the fun workouts listed below.

For the Adventurous Type:

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is great for cardiovascular exercise and strength building. However, keep in mind that this activity looks a whole lot easier than it really is. Rock climbing can consistently provide new challenges—each wall is unique and best for a different skill level. Look for gyms that offer rock climbing in your area to give this activity a try. Once you’ve honed your skills, you can also try climbing outdoors.

Mountain Biking and Hiking

A number of parks in central New York are perfect for mountain biking and hiking. The quickly-changing terrain of the trail will consistently give your muscles fresh challenges, and you’ll be able to take advantage of the relaxing benefits of spending time in nature. Hiking can be an exciting and invigorating workout, and mountain biking can be even more so.

Here are a couple nearby trails to try:

  • Green Lakes State Park: This park has ten miles of biking trails and is located off Route 290 in Fayetteville.
  • Chittenango Falls: This is one of the waterfall trails in Syracuse. The Chittenango Creek starts at Cazenovia Lake and flows north towards Oneida Lake. The falls begin at the Allegany Plateau, which cuts through Onondaga limestone. This is a gorgeous area to go biking and is surrounded by a trail that is just over one mile long, which makes it a great spot for a hike.

For the Social Type:

Group Fitness Classes

By taking a class at your gym or a local fitness studio, you can get a great workout, learn from an experienced instructor and meet some new friends in the process. Classes are available in countless different activities, like:

  • Dance
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Tai Chi
  • Cycling
  • Aerobics
  • Kickboxing

If you’re interested in any of these activities, taking an introductory class will help you learn the basics and decide if you want to continue. Group classes can make your workouts more social and expose you to all kinds of new techniques and ideas.

Adult Sports Leagues

Amateur team sports aren’t just for the kids. You can use tools like to find other people in the area who are interested in your favorite sports, or check out sites for specific team sports like the World Adult Kickball Association or the National Adult Baseball Association. You can also try to start a league with your friends, or organize pick-up games at a nearby park.

If you find yourself growing tired of your workout plans, try mixing things up with something more creative.

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