Four Ways to Squeeze Exercise into Your Day

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Four Ways to Squeeze Exercise into Your DayWanting it increase your activity level for the New Year but can’t figure out how you can make the time? Here are a few ideas that may help:

1. Take a class.

Parting with money for a class gives you an extra incentive to follow through. Plus, the social environment can be motivating and make your workouts easier on you.

If you have children, look into classes that you can do together. “Mommy and Me” style classes can save on the need to find a sitter and help you set a good foundation teaching your child about the importance of fitness for health.

2. Do mini workouts.

Workouts don’t have to be long to be useful. Instead of trying to make room for a single long session, use shorter bouts of exercise to reach your goal. A brisk 10-minute walk can provide cardio. A round or two of the compact interval exercises from the 7-Minute Work-out can give you strength, flexibility and cardio training. In the evening, perform a short yoga set for balance, flexibility and relaxation. All of these are great choices because the only equipment they require is some comfortable clothing and a place to exercise. Performed throughout the day when you have time, these exercises can add up to a full day’s exercise.

3. Hire a personal trainer.

Regular appointments with a personal trainer can add some needed outside accountability. Plus, a trainer can help you better develop the right routine for fitness for health. As with classes, the fact that you’ll lose your investment if you don’t continue can be the added push you need.

4. Write it into your calendar.

If we have a vague idea that we’ll workout “sometime in the evening,” chances are good that other demands will push this to the wayside. To ensure that exercise happens every day, schedule it in your calendar the way you would any other important commitment. Some people find paper scheduling works best; others prefer a digital calendar that gives them reminders throughout the day.

Exercising for weight loss and health do not have to take up all of your time and energy. By using these simple tricks, you can reap the benefits while still taking care of everything else on your busy schedule.

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