Fitness Tips for the Busy Mom

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Being a Mom is a busy role. Between driving kids back and forth from school, play dates, doctor’s appointments and trying to fit in your own career, health and fitness often take the backseat. While meeting the needs of every other family member in the household, many moms tend to forget that they need to take some time for themselves, too.

As part of your weight loss plan in New York, you can fit in fitness without interfering with the massive load of responsibilities that come with being a Mom. Here are a few simple tips to help you get fit while keeping your title of Mom of the Year!

  • Find Personal Time: While you are planning play dates and doctor’s appointments, go ahead and pencil yourself in a 30 minute slot every day when you can work out. While running errands all day may feel like a workout, your brain will benefit from the personal time in which you are not thinking about a hundred things to do. Consider getting a pedometer and aiming for 10,000 steps. This will give you a 2-3 mile workout depending on your stride.
  • Make Fitness a Family Affair: If you have young children, then it may be hard to find someone to sit with them every day while you go for a jog. While you will want to find some time to work out on your own, try working out together on a regular basis. Jogging strollers are a great tool for busy moms with young kids, and roller blades and bicycles are great for older kids that won’t mind spending some time outdoors. If you live in colder weather climates, try exercise or dance programs on t.v., DVDs, or on your Wii, or Kinect. There are so many options!
  • Find Small Slots of Free-time: If it is too hard to find 30 minutes together to go for a run, try finding smaller slots of time throughout the day. Yoga is a great, quiet routine that you can practice during naptime, for example. Resistance bands and hand weights are also great tools that you can store in your home and use during the ten or fifteen minute time spans that you find yourself free of something to do.


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