Exercises for Weight Loss Patients On the Go

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Fitness for Weight Loss Patients On the GoSummer can be a very busy time for many medical weight loss patients—there are vacations to plan, yards to spruce up before fall, and kids to drop off at camp—all while balancing a healthy and active lifestyle to lose weight. Fayetteville and Syracuse are home to several popular gyms, yet not everyone likes to work out around a bunch of other sweaty, in-the-zone people.

Time is precious during the short summer months, but working out doesn’t have to be confined to public or private gyms—there are ways you can get fit for weight loss outside of public fitness centers without compromising your busy summer schedule.

Here are hassle-free exercises you can do without visiting the gym this summer in New York.

No Gym Required Arm Toning Moves

  1. Dictionary lifts at your desk. If you’re stuck at a desk for the majority of your day, take advantage of your downtime by lifting a heavy object like a big dictionary or laptop to tone your arms and strengthen your shoulders. Sit up straight in your desk chair and place your heavy object in front of you at an arm’s distance away. Without locking your elbows, lift the object from your desk to shoulder height and hold this position for a few seconds before lowering the object back down to your desk. Repeat this activity 10 to 15 times for at least two sets during the day to really work your arms.
  2. Grocery bag bicep curls. If your medical weight loss program includes regular food you can make the most of your trips to the grocery store buying fresh fruits and veggies. Use this time to your advantage to strengthen your biceps. Once you get home and unload grocery bags from the car, empty each bag until it’s half-full. Now take one bag in each hand and do 10 to 15 slow and steady bicep curls. Repeat this process until you’ve unpacked all of your groceries to tone your biceps. Remember to double bag so that you don’t lose the contents while performing your curls and recycle the bags when you are done.

No Gym Required Lower Body Moves

  1. Be your own Stairmaster. You don’t need to hit the gym to tone your calves and legs on a stairmaster—next time you have to walk up a flight of stairs, do so on your tippy toes. The elevated step will help tone your calf muscles as well as improve posture and balance. Just watch your step in poorly lit areas so don’t take a nasty spill. Taking the stairs in lieu of the elevator is also an easy way to get in some cardio to help you burn extra calories and ultimately lose more weight.
  2. Tighten your buttocks at your desk. After you’ve done your dictionary desk lifts you may want to try some seated glute squeezes. Make sure you’re sitting up straight in your chair as you tighten your abdominals to squeeze your buttocks together. Hold this squeeze for at least three to five counts before releasing. You can repeat the glute squeeze at least 10 to 15 times for one set, but try and work in two to three sets throughout the day for maximum results.

No Gym Required Cardio

  1. Head outside for an evening jaunt through the neighborhood. You don’t have to walk indoors on a treadmill to reap the cardio benefits of walking. Take advantage of your summer evening by heading outside for an after-dinner walk. You can even bring the whole family to encourage healthy physical activity instead of plopping down in front of the television post-meal. You can increase the pace at which you walk accordingly to boost your heart-rate and burn more calories. Keep safety in mind when walking in the evenings. Well lit popular evening hangouts like parks or even shopping plazas may be a better option than walking the neighborhood if you don’t have a walking buddy.
  2. Ride on your bike, not in your car. Depending on where you live, if you have to make a quick trip to a nearby store or if riding to work is doable, ride your bike instead of driving your car. Cycling makes for excellent cardiovascular exercise to supplement your medical weight loss program. Riding a bike is also considered a low-impact exercise, reducing pressure on otherwise achy joints and bones.

These are just a few ways to take advantage of what time you do have for physical fitness this summer in New York. You don’t always have to hit the gym to stay in shape—try some of these hassle-free exercises next time you’re short on time during the busy summer months. Remember, every little bit helps and 10 impromptu exercises spread throughout the day are often easier than finding time for a formal workout.

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