Break Through a Fitness Plateau

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In the first stage of your weight loss plan, the results always seem to come so easily. But after a while of sticking to the same routine, you tend to hit a plateau that makes your goals more difficult to reach. This is a common problem among Manlius weight loss hopefuls, and can often be treated through medical weight loss programs.

Here are the top five tips for breaking through a fitness plateau:

1. Add Variety to Your Routine

Instead of jogging every day, mix up your routine a few times a week with different activities, such as swimming, biking, hiking, kickboxing, or another physical activity you prefer.

2. Enjoy Some R&R

When your medical weight loss plan starts showing results, you may be tempted to overwork your body through excessive exercise. It’s important to give your body a rest every now and then. This way you can avoid burning out, and ensure that you sleep well at night.

3. Eat an Exercise-Friendly Diet

Manlius residents may think that it’s okay to eat celery sticks and nothing else all day as part of an effective weight loss plan. However, your body needs plenty of fuel to keep up with your fitness routine without becoming overworked. Eat five small meals instead of three large ones, and be sure to include chicken, fish, egg whites, fruits, and vegetables.

4. Drink Plenty of Water

Your Manlius medical weight loss center should be advising you to stay hydrated throughout the day and especially during exercise routines. When you’re fully hydrated and properly fueled, you tend to perform better and prevent injuries.

5. Upgrade to Higher Fitness Levels

Once you stop seeing results from lifting 20-pound weights, you should move on to 30-pound weights, or perhaps try out alternative strength training exercises. You can only expect to see upgraded results when you upgrade your fitness routine.


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