Avoiding Injury during your workout

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To lose weight, you need to exercise. However, if you are just starting to get physically active, you will need to be careful to avoid injuring yourself during your workouts. It is best to start slowly, and do not take on exercise that is too strenuous at first. As your fitness levels improve, you can increase the difficulty of your workouts. Use the tips below to keep from hurting yourself during exercise:

  1. Warm up before exercise. Cold muscles can tear. Walk for a few minutes before setting out into your jog, or do ten minutes of yoga before your workout.
  2. Stretch regularly. By stretching at the beginning of your workout, you make your muscles more limber and less prone to injury. When stretching, hold each position for 15 to 30 seconds. Never bounce, as this can lead to over-extension. Repeat each stretch twice.
  3. If you injure yourself, give the hurt area time to heal. Ask your trainer if there are other exercises you can do to keep your routine without causing further injury.
  4. Injured areas should be iced to prevent swelling. Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicine can help, as well. If you are not feeling better within a couple of days, go to a Syracuse-area doctor’s office to get the injury checked out.
  5. Consult a doctor or personal trainer to help device an exercise routine for you if you have mobility problems or if you have been extremely sedentary. If your child is involved in a children weight loss program, talk to their pediatrician about appropriate exercises.
  6. Aim to increase the intensity of your workouts by 10% each week. You should be exercising about two to three times a week. Gradually increasing the difficulty will protect against overuse injuries.


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