An Introduction to the Practice of Yoga

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Yoga produces results that mirror the effort you put into practicing it. Yoga can be an easy way to stretch if that’s all you want from it. It can also serve as a tool for improving your mental and physical health, or even as a tool for spiritual development, if you want to take it farther. Yoga establishes a more positive balance between your mind and your body, helping it to function better. This new balance can take awhile to establish, but once it has been established, you are on your way to a healthier, happier life.


Yoga as a Physical Exercise

You can use yoga as a simple exercise to keep yourself in shape physically , spending a little time each day going through the poses and leaving your practice at that. The deep breathing yoga involves exercise increases the oxygen and nutrients transported to your tissues and organs and tissues, helping them to function better. Yoga also stimulates your immune system, helping you resist disease. Regular practice will also increase your flexibility, balance, and strength.


Yoga and Meditation

You can also take yoga to a higher level and use it conjunction with meditation. In fact, the physical yoga exercises are actually intended to prime your mind for getting into deep meditative states. This meditation has a number of benefits for your mind. Yogic meditation requires you to focus on your breathing, which causes extraneous, distracting thoughts to vanish and calmer state of mind to develop, bringing you greater mental clarity. This calming effect can also help you reduce anxiety, if you suffer from it.


The Mental and Spiritual Benefits of Yoga

The mental benefits of yoga stay with you throughout your day, not just when you are doing your yoga routine. Practicing yoga helps you develop your awareness. As you practice, you become increasingly aware of how your thoughts and feelings affect the way you live your life. Many people are unaware of how their thoughts and feelings affect the way they live their lives, so their unchecked desires and instinctive reactions run their lives, destroying the balance between body and mind. The more you practice yoga, the more aware of these processes you become. This increasing awareness brings you ever closer to establishing a balanced approach to life that brings you greater happiness.


Yoga is easy to learn, but difficult to master. Start at the purely physical level, and get your body into better physical shape. As you start getting healthier and feeling more balanced, you can add in the more advanced practices. The more you develop your yoga practice, the more benefits you will see from them.


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