3 Ways to Lose Weight and Stay Healthy

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Whether you are looking to keep a New Year’s Resolution, look your best at a wedding, or just get healthy, losing weight can be stressful.  Get on your way to a healthier you by incorporating weight training, cutting out sugar, and planning your meals in advance.  Even though it may seem there’s no time for a workout with today’s busy lives, these techniques can be easily added to existing routines like dog-walking and weekly meal planning.

1.  Lift Weights

Weight training can be added to an existing exercise routine, whether it’s running or walking the dog.  You don’t have to go out and buy expensive equipment or join a gym.   Grab some small free weights and do bicep curls during a 30-minute walk around the neighborhood.   Prefer to stay at home?  Stay at home and do kickbox-style punching routines to your favorite music.  Wrap some resistance bands around your legs for some standing leg lifts or use the bands for overhead presses. Building muscle helps you burn more fat even when you’re at rest, and adding upper body weight lifting to your routine tones your arms and abdominal muscles.  Combine weight lifting with a cardiovascular workout for even more fat burn.

2.  Reduce Your Sugar Intake

Increase your water intake to 6 to 8 glasses of water a day and say so long to sugary drinks.  Find a favorite reusable water or hydroflask and keep it with you all day.  If you’re drinking enough water, you’ll feel fuller and your skin will benefit too.  If you’re looking for a substitute for soda, add some slices of lemon or lime to some sparkling water.  Look for unexpected sources of sugar in foods, such as granola bars, yogurt, sauces, and dressings.

3.  Track and Plan Meals

Counting calories doesn’t have to be difficult or boring.  Download a free app to help you plan meals and monitor calories. Enlist a friend or loved one to join you losing weight or provide support.  If you have time, you can shop on the weekend and plan healthy meals in advance.  If you’re always on the go, invest in one of many meal delivery services.  Either way, you’ll avoid the temptation of picking up fast food for dinner.

Whatever your weight loss strategy, enlist the help of a friend to join your new healthy lifestyle and have fun doing it.  Losing weight can be difficult, but exercise and healthy eating can help reduce stress and improve your outlook on life.  Start small and make incremental changes to your routine to give them time to stick.  Share your success and challenges with a supportive group of family, friends, or online group.  Keep motivated and you’ll develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

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