10 Ways to Trick Your Mind into Eating Less

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Food corporations and the restaurant industry spend millions closely studying food presentation, colors, smells and flavors to get the paying public to consume more. When you crave food of any kind, the deep need that you experience comes not just from your digestive system and your taste buds, but from the ways in which the food industry manipulates your mind, as well.

It’s important to realize, however, that manipulation can go both ways. If your mind can be manipulated into craving food, it can discourage eating too much, as well. What follows are hacks that you can use on your mind to get it to not want to eat.

Use a plate that’s blue in color

Weight-loss experts recommend that you eat your meals off blue plates to naturally want to eat less. A study has discovered that using a plate that is the color blue can help the level of motivation experienced by a person trying to lose weight, as well. There are other studies that show that blue plates trick the mind into thinking that you’re eating more than you are, because the stark contrast between the color of your food and the color of the plate make your mind believe that you have more on your plate than you really do.

Watch horror movies and thrillers

If you love scary movies, you should allow yourself the indulgence, if only to lose weight. Researchers in London have found that you can burn off as much as 150 calories going through a tense 90 minutes watching a horror movie or a thriller. The adrenaline rush and the resultant increase in metabolism and heart rate give you higher calorie burn rates.

Scent your home with vanilla

If you love to indulge in sweet treats and don’t know how to help yourself, you should know that the scent of vanilla in the air — either from an air freshener or a scented candle — has been found by researchers at London’s St. George’s Hospital, to suppress cravings for sweets. Researchers believe that the vanilla scent alters the way serotonin works in the brain to control appetite.

Sit in front of a mirror when you eat

It might seem like a strange move to watch yourself in a mirror when you eat, but researchers at the University of Central Florida have found that people eat less when they are able to see themselves eat. When you look in the mirror and see what you’re doing, you usually can’t allow yourself to forget the weight that you’re putting on. Of course, watching yourself eat can hurt your self-image and morale; it can help you say no to additional helpings, however.

Wear a belt

People in France, women, especially, are known to wear belts or tie a ribbon around their waist when they sit down to a meal. When they feel the ribbon or the belt tightening, it serves as a reminder that they’ve had enough, and need to stop eating, no matter how much food they still have on their plates.

Chew for longer

Research indicates that when you chew every mouthful of food between 30 and 40 times, you burn calories about 10 percent faster. Studies have found that people who chew their food well tend to be leaner than those who eat their meals in a hurry.

At the family dinner table, choose a corner spot

Rather than choose a seat close to the middle of the table when you sit down to eat each day, you should try to see if you can get a corner seat for yourself. This way, the foods set out on the table won’t be within easy reach. You may find that it’s easy to cut back when the food isn’t easy to help yourself to.

Try to use chopsticks

The Japanese tend to have slim figures. Their use of chopsticks could have something to do with it. Unlike spoons, chopsticks don’t allow you to help yourself to large mouthfuls. Not only do they need greater control and attention when you’re eating, they only allow tiny mouthfuls. With all the effort that you have to put into putting food into your mouth, you’re likely to feel sated earlier.

Use bright lights and slow music

Bright lights let you clearly see how much you’re eating, and help you control the sizes of your helpings. Slow music in the background can help you slow down the speed at which you eat. Both ideas can contribute to your efforts to eat less.

Share pictures of your meals each day

It can help to share pictures of all your meals on social media each day. Whether or not it will be of interest to anyone, you will certainly not want to have people see that you eat large meals. You’ll be more aware of the size of your meals and eat smaller portions.

These ideas are not about a diet method. Instead, they are ways to help you eat less, no matter what diet you’re on. They can even help if you’re on no diet.

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