Obesity Risks

Identifying Emotional Eating: Do You Have a Problem With Food?

Posted: Jun 23 in Healthy Eating Menu, Lifestyle, Obesity Risks by

Hunger is not the only reason people are driven to eat, and for some people, it is not the most common. People also use food to relieve stress, sadness, or other emotional pain. [Read more]

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Five Exercises to Help Tone Your Thighs

Posted: Jun 11 in Getting Active, Lifestyle, Obesity Risks by

Pretty much everyone has at least one area on their body that they aren’t completely happy with. Luckily, there are usually plenty of exercises you can do to improve your problem area. [Read more]

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5 Ways to Make Working Out More Fun

Posted: Jun 01 in Getting Active, Lifestyle, Obesity Risks by

If getting a workout often feels like a chore, you need to make an attempt to bring some fun to the experience. [Read more]

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Why Do You Find It So Hard to Workout?

Posted: Apr 23 in Getting Active, Lifestyle, Obesity Risks by

Do you find that going to the gym is a time that you dread each day? Perhaps you do like the idea of starting a new exercise routine, but your enthusiasm doesn’t stick to the end of the week. [Read more]

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Why Sugar Creates Havoc with Your Body

Posted: Mar 23 in Healthy Eating Menu, Lifestyle, Obesity Risks by

If you discover your waistline is getting bigger, you might be quick to blame the fat in your diet and start cutting back on that without considering other possible reasons. The problem probably is the sugar in your diet; everyone knows that sugar often leads to diabetes, tooth decay, and sugar crashes. However, many people don’t realize that consuming too much sugar will also sabotage any efforts to lose belly fat. [Read more]

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The Obesity / Cancer Connection

Posted: Aug 31 in Obesity Risks by

Obesity is one of the leading causes of preventative disease in the United States. It is a primary risk factor in numerous chronic diseases, including type-2 diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. With more than two-thirds of the adult population in the US being overweight or obese, these health concerns are becoming common knowledge. [Read more]