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USA Obesity Rates Most Likely Underestimated

Posted: Apr 12 in Obesity Medicine by

A simple miscalculation could be the difference in classifying a truly obese person as overweight. This is not to be taken lightly when being obese significantly increases your chances of developing life-threatening cholesterol, blood pressure and heart issues. Researchers suggest about 39 percent of Americans who are currently classed as slightly overweight are, in fact, obese. [Read more]

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Obesity and Mental Health

Posted: Nov 08 in Obesity Medicine by

Being overweight not only presents many physical problems that have to be dealt with, but it is also problematic to mental and emotional health. In fact, the effects of obesity on mental health can be as damaging as the physical effects. [Read more]


Dr. Scinta Panel Discussion on Medically Monitored Weight Loss

Posted: Sep 15 in Obesity Medicine by

Dr. Scinta is joined with Dr. Craig Primack on a panel to discuss medically monitored weight loss on New Reflections, hosted by Dr. Adam Rubinstein.


Obesity Health Risks: Top Things You Need to Know

Posted: Aug 25 in Obesity Medicine by

It’s commonly said that obesity is unhealthy, but what exactly does that mean? Read on to learn a bit more about obesity and the associated health risks. [Read more]


Weight Loss with Meal Replacement and Commercial Diet Plans

Posted: Aug 18 in Obesity Medicine by

Meal replacement diets are great for controlling calories while getting essential nutrients. Commercial diet plans are effective for short-term weight loss, but require dedication to stick with long term. [Read more]

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Prescription Weight Loss Medications

Posted: Aug 04 in Obesity Medicine by

There are several medications that can be used to facilitate the weight loss process. [Read more]

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Is Weight Gain Inevitable As You Age?

Posted: Mar 08 in Obesity Medicine by

It is an established fact that as people age, their metabolism slows and their body composition changes as muscle mass is gradually lost. But does this mean that slow weight gain is the inevitable? Not necessarily if you take some simple steps to counter the metabolic effects of aging.

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Lowering BMI Requirements for Bariatric Surgery Questionable

Posted: Jan 31 in Obesity Medicine by

Surgical weight loss procedures should be considered only by severely obese patients who have additional challenges and threats to their health. [Read more]

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The Correlation Between Industry Regulation and Obesity

Posted: Oct 26 in Obesity Medicine by

Criticizing an industry over its practices is a risky proposition. The defensive and offensive mechanisms are well oiled and ready to be rolled out the moment a threat to profit is detected. For years we have watched the tobacco industry fly in the face of public health issues with complete disregard for the long-term effects on society.

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The Cost of Obesity and Being Overweight

Posted: Oct 19 in Obesity Medicine by

With approximately 60 percent of the United States population overweight, it is expected that by 2030 about 50 percent of the total population will be overweight or obese. Through studies, scientists have learned that being overweight or obese is more costly than being of a normal weight. Not only does being obese or overweight impact the individual, but also employers, other employees, and the government. [Read more]