How Does Your Body Change with Age?

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People experience many changes as they grow older. By making healthy lifestyle choices, you can put the brakes on changes linked to aging, helping you stay fit and strong well into your later years.  [Read more]

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Balancing Hormones to Help Your Weight Loss Efforts

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If your weight loss efforts don’t seem as effective as you would like, it’s possible that your hormones are to blame. Here are some tips on how to get your hormones into weight loss mode so that they help rather than get in the way. [Read more]

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A Weight Loss Plan For Video Gamers

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Are you fed up with your typical weight loss plan? It may get boring after awhile or be intimidating to do everyday! If you’re looking for a way to mix it up that will help you reach your ideal weight, try a weight loss plan that combines playing video games with proper diet and exercise. [Read more]

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5 Easy Tips for Weight Loss

Posted: Jul 12 in Healthy Eating Menu, Lifestyle by

If you want to lose weight, it is not necessary to go to extremes. You don’t need to starve yourself with a crash diet or undergo weight reduction surgery. While you might shed some pounds with these methods, you could end up putting your health and wellness at risk. Try following these 5 simple tips to help you lose weight and keep it off for good. [Read more]

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6 Ways Going Outside Can Help You Lose Weight

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Research has shown that spending time in the great outdoors can reduce stress, strengthen immunity and relieve pain. Did you know that going outside can also help you lose weight? [Read more]

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3 Ways to Increase Intrinsic Motivation to Lose Weight

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Are you familiar with intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation? Both these types of motivation play unique roles in weight loss, but intrinsic motivation is more effective at turning a behavior into a habit. [Read more]

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5 Easy Ways to Cut Calories in Your Cooking

Posted: Jun 15 in Healthy Eating Menu, Lifestyle by

Cutting calories isn’t easy but if you want to lose weight, you need to eat at a caloric deficit each day. It may be hard to change your eating habits but there are plenty of small changes you can make. Follow these tips to lessen the calories in the meals you cook at home. [Read more]

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The Personal Rewards of Personal Improvement

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Personal improvement doesn’t end when you finish school, land that perfect job or find the love of your life. You can continue to improve your physical life, your mental life and your emotional life as long as you live. Every one of those improvements will benefit you and, quite often, the world around you. Just how rewarding is personal improvement? [Read more]

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How to Set Realistic Weight Loss Goals

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Understanding Realistic Weight Loss Goals

If your weight loss goal is unrealistic, you won’t be able to achieve it. Chances are, you could become demoralized and even backslide by putting on more weight.

Realistic goals are those that you can achieve, provided you take the right action and have the right expectations. As long as your goal is realistic and you are working toward it, you will see progress. Noticing your progress will keep you motivated.

Frequently, unrealistic weight loss goals do not take into account how long it takes to lose weight. Expecting to lose 10 pounds in a week is not realistic because most people can lose no more than 2 pounds a week, for instance.

Another example of a fitness goal that isn’t realistic is reaching a particular goal weight, such as 150 pounds. Numeric weight loss goals tend to be vague. To make a vague goal into a realistic goal, think about how you will get there and how long it will take, based on the 2 pounds per week figure. Consider what steps you will take to encourage weight loss, then commit to a plan of action.  [Read more]


Ten Positive Habits to Cultivate Now

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Everyday life is a series of daily habits. Most people will acquire at least a few bad habits along the way that they would rather not own. Rather than focus on what is wrong in life and trying to eliminate it, it makes more sense to take a proactive approach and build on the positive and good changes you can incorporate into your life, ultimately crowding out the harmful elements. [Read more]

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