Avoid Tiredness With These Diet Tips

Posted: May 27 in Lifestyle by

Tiredness and lethargy can really put a downer on your day. If you want to gain the most energy out of your diet, it’s not just about the types of food you eat, it’s about how you manage your diet throughout the day. Here are some tips which will help you stay energized and productive in your daily activities. [Read more]

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Five Surprising Ways Diet Soda is Wrecking Your Health

Posted: May 13 in Lifestyle by

As consumers work to reduce the amount of added sugar in their diets, many are reaching for diet soda to replace sugary soft drinks. While this may seem like a healthful choice, there are risks associated with diet soda that many do not know about. Keep reading for five reasons why you might want to put down the pop and reach for some water instead. [Read more]

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What You Need to Know About Overweight and Obesity

Posted: May 06 in Lifestyle by

Both overweight and obesity are conditions of weighing more than a healthy weight. Adult overweight and obesity are serious conditions because they put you at greater risk for other chronic illnesses. Treatment for adult overweight and obesity is necessary to prevent the complications that can arise from these conditions. [Read more]

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Five Changes to Basic Eating Habits That Will Help You Lose Weight

Posted: Apr 29 in Lifestyle by

The struggle to find the perfect diet for weight loss is real. People spend years trying different eating plans only to discover the scale hasn’t moved despite their best efforts. But weight loss seekers often make dieting more complicated than it needs to be. In fact, research has shown that the trick to shedding pounds may be less about finding and following a rigid plan and more about making mindful changes to some basic eating habits. These ideas will help you improve your approach to food consumption so you can lose weight effectively, efficiently, and for good. [Read more]

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How to Break Up with Anxiety

Posted: Apr 22 in Lifestyle by

Are you in a chronic relationship with anxiety? Frequent bouts can cause depression and exhaustion. If stress zaps your energy and demolishes your wellbeing, it’s time to break up with it. Here’s how to axe anxiety and change how you relate to stress. [Read more]

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The Importance of Mindful Eating

Posted: Mar 25 in Lifestyle by

You may have heard about the recent health trend of mindful eating. Other than taking time to pay attention to our food, what does it mean to mindfully eat? And what are the benefits? When you mindfully eat, you slow down and pay complete attention to your food with all of your senses. You take the time to notice the texture and smell of the food as well as the taste. Perhaps you even take a moment to appreciate the appearance, or any appealing visual presentation, of your food. In taking this approach, you learn to truly appreciate the food that is placed in front of you. Food becomes an experience rather than just fuel for the body. [Read more]

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Why Walking is the Ultimate Exercise

Posted: Mar 18 in Lifestyle by

When most people imagine exercise, they think of running at the gym or sometimes even weightlifting. However, one exercise that gets overlooked is walking. Walking is a highly underrated exercise, and is often not seen as exercise at all. Walking is exercise, though. It’s the best for many reasons, with the first being that it is free. Who doesn’t like free things? Generally, anyone can get started walking for exercise, although it’s recommended to wear appropriate shoes such as walking shoes. However, it is mostly free and open to anyone. [Read more]

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Ways to Avoid Overeating When Working From Home

Posted: Mar 11 in Lifestyle by

Working from home can be stressful for several reasons. For one, these are stressful times Рand you may not be working from home out of choice. Moreover, the home setup may not be ideal for work for everyone. Under these stressful conditions, you may turn to food for comfort. Secondly, the food is there, the kitchen is there, and no one is judging you for snacking every hour. Unless you take definite measures to control your eating, you might find it difficult not to overeat as you work from home. The following strategies will help you overcome the temptation to eat mindlessly when working from home.  [Read more]

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The Yoga Relaxation Technique

Posted: Feb 18 in Lifestyle by

Even if your car is kept in good condition, the engine will overheat if you run it for too long in bad conditions. Similarly, your mind will “overheat” when you run it for too long in bad circumstances, even if you generally keep it in good condition. Work, social life, and even recreation can make it difficult for modern people to avoid overtaxing their minds, and so they suffer from needless stress, anxiety, and even depression. Fortunately, yoga provides you with the tools you can use to counteract the harmful effects of a fast paced modern life. [Read more]

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5 Tips to Avoid Weight Gain During COVID-19 Confinement

Posted: Jan 28 in Lifestyle by

During the solitary confinement of the world, many people are experiencing all sorts of effects from the COVID-19 pandemic. Even for those who have been lucky enough to evade the virus thus far, the impacts of living in a global pandemic extend beyond just viral. One of the biggest concerns for many people who are riding out the virus locked in their homes is weight gain. For many who are now working remotely, not having to change out of pajamas or a reason to leave the house has a significant impact on their daily routines. Common side effects, including boredom and laziness, tend to have a direct impact on increased weight gain. Here are 5 basic tips to avoid packing on extra pounds during the lockdown. [Read more]

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