The Yoga Relaxation Technique

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Even if your car is kept in good condition, the engine will overheat if you run it for too long in bad conditions. Similarly, your mind will “overheat” when you run it for too long in bad circumstances, even if you generally keep it in good condition. Work, social life, and even recreation can make it difficult for modern people to avoid overtaxing their minds, and so they suffer from needless stress, anxiety, and even depression. Fortunately, yoga provides you with the tools you can use to counteract the harmful effects of a fast paced modern life. [Read more]

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5 Tips to Avoid Weight Gain During COVID-19 Confinement

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During the solitary confinement of the world, many people are experiencing all sorts of effects from the COVID-19 pandemic. Even for those who have been lucky enough to evade the virus thus far, the impacts of living in a global pandemic extend beyond just viral. One of the biggest concerns for many people who are riding out the virus locked in their homes is weight gain. For many who are now working remotely, not having to change out of pajamas or a reason to leave the house has a significant impact on their daily routines. Common side effects, including boredom and laziness, tend to have a direct impact on increased weight gain. Here are 5 basic tips to avoid packing on extra pounds during the lockdown. [Read more]

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Setting Long Term Fitness Goals: A Better Way to Work Out

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Many people start exercising with good intentions but end up abandoning their fitness programs before they get anywhere near their fitness goals. The reason is that they have unrealistic expectations of how much they can and should accomplish. They look only to the short term, expecting instant results, and so throw away their long term possibilities. While it would be nice to drop inches off your waist in just a few days like weight loss ads and fitness influencers claim, getting fit is actually a slow and steady process that requires you to set realistic goals and display patience and commitment. [Read more]

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Tips on Taking Care of Your Mental Health

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Your mental health determines your emotional well being and your ability to take care of the activities of daily living. It is just as important to take care of your mental health as it is your physical health, but can be more difficult, especially during times of stress and uncertainty. Here are some ways you can actively work on improving your mental health and taking control of your emotional wellness. [Read more]

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Four Simple Ways to Relax and Reduce Stress

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How do you relax and let go of stress? If you aren’t busy with work or a household chore, you might drink wine or watch a movie. Nonetheless, you can’t always put your feet up when anxiety strikes. Sometimes, you may be at work or driving through a tangle of traffic. On such occasions anxiety builds. Without pressure relief, all stress can do is multiply. What you need are fast ways to relax in any situation. Make these five methods to induce instant relaxation a habit, and stress won’t escalate. [Read more]

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Body Weight and the Immune System

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Research shows a compelling relationship between obesity and the human immune system. The strength of this link helps explain why it is so difficult for some people to lose weight, even after repeated attempts to exercise and eat healthy. Learn about the immune system’s role in the body’s metabolism and what you can do to maintain a healthy weight. [Read more]

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5 Mental Tips to Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

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The most important aspect of creating a weight loss plan is to create lasting behavioral changes. This includes changing your diet to include more healthy whole foods, while also including more physical activity and stretches into your daily routine. [Read more]

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How to Break Bad Habits Forever

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Everyone has at least one bad habit they would love to get rid of. However, who didn’t try breaking a bad habit, only to relapse after a few days, or a week? Don’t worry, there is still a chance: here are some pointers on how to break a bad habit forever.  [Read more]

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Uplifting Ways to Welcome the Day

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Do you have a spring in your step and a smile on your face in the morning? No? Then you might be bad tempered because you don’t feel great. Perhaps tiredness and stress greet you when you wake. If so, the next twenty-four hours have gotten off to a bad start. You can change the way you begin the day, though, and learn to rise like a breath of fresh air rather than under a storm cloud. [Read more]

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5 Ways to Burn Calories Without Noticing

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Weight loss follows the simple principle of “Calories in, calories out”, meaning that as long as you burn more calories than you ingest, you will lose weight. Bodies already burn calories just by breathing and moving about daily, but to speed up the weight loss process, people need to exercise. Most people associate burning calories and exercise with strenuous activities, which are turn-offs. If you too consider exercise a burden, perhaps this article can change your mind. Here are five ways to burn calories, without even thinking about doing it.  [Read more]

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