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7 Strategies to Speed Up Your Weight Loss

Posted: Aug 24 in Getting Active, Healthy Eating Menu, Lifestyle by

Weight loss is a tricky game, and sometimes you just can’t make your body go into weight loss mode as quickly as you’d like. Most doctors agree that the key to losing weight and keeping it off long-term is to lose one to two pounds each week. [Read more]

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3 Ways to Lose Weight and Stay Healthy

Posted: Aug 17 in Getting Active, Healthy Eating Menu, Lifestyle by

Get on your way to a healthier you by incorporating weight training, cutting out sugar, and planning your meals in advance. [Read more]

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Tips on Losing Weight When You Have Low Thyroid Function

Posted: Aug 13 in Getting Active, Hormone Therapy, Lifestyle by

If you have a low-functioning thyroid gland, you know how hard it is to lose weight, no matter how much you starve yourself or try exercise. [Read more]

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Struggling with Hormonal Imbalance? Try These 7 Ideas

Posted: Aug 02 in Getting Active, Healthy Eating Menu, Hormone Therapy, Lifestyle by

Hormone imbalances, when they occur, usually arise out of a combination of factors, including blood sugar problems, weight problems, stress and high body fat levels. Your lifestyle may affect many of these factors. Making a few simple changes to your life can help your hormones, and take you very far on the road to better health. [Read more]

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How To Lose Weight When You Hit Middle Age

Posted: Jul 30 in Getting Active, Healthy Eating Menu, Lifestyle by

Losing those extra pounds might not be as carefree as the days of your youth, but you can still achieve successful weight loss in your forties and beyond with the right attitude, strategy, and the rest of these helpful methods. [Read more]

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10 Ways to Trick Your Mind into Eating Less

Posted: Jul 26 in Getting Active, Healthy Eating Menu, Lifestyle by

If your mind can be manipulated into craving food, it can discourage eating too much, as well. What follows are hacks that you can use on your mind to get it to not want to eat. [Read more]

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How to Increase Your Willpower to Lose Weight

Posted: Jul 19 in Getting Active, Healthy Eating Menu, Lifestyle by

You want to lose weight, but maybe your willpower isn’t strong enough. People who drop pounds and inches have a firm resolve. They realize how to stick to a weight-loss plan and are determined. [Read more]

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How Fit and Active is Your Child?

Posted: Jul 10 in Getting Active, Lifestyle by

With childhood obesity rates soaring across the U.S. and the developing world, more parents and teachers are focusing on keeping children fit and active. [Read more]

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Five Tips for Finding a Diet That Works Well for You

Posted: Jul 03 in Getting Active, Healthy Eating Menu, Lifestyle by

There are a dizzying number of diets that all promise to be the one to follow to achieve your weight loss goals. How do you determine which one is best for you? Take a look at these five tips to select your ideal diet plan. [Read more]

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Determined to Lose Weight? Learn How to Add Exercise for Better Results

Posted: Jun 30 in Getting Active by

Many health and wellness experts advise that regular exercise is a proven way to boost metabolism and burn more calories than diet alone. Even with a busy schedule, you can create an exercise routine that fits your lifestyle. Here’s how to do it. [Read more]

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