Preventing Childhood Obesity at Home and School

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Since 1980, obesity among children aged six to 11 has doubled, while that of adolescents under the age of 19 has tripled. This is a big problem for the United States, as it directs our national obesity epidemic in a dangerous direction. Our children develop unhealthy lifestyle habits they are likely to hold onto long into their adult years. [Read more]


Fighting Childhood Obesity One TV at a Time

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In this world of TV dinners and TiVo, many Americans seem more inclined to eat from a dining tray than the dinner table. Though you may think that dinnertime is the perfect opportunity to catch up on your favorite shows, research has shown that eating in front of the TV can actually increase the number of calories you ultimately consume. [Read more]


Dr. Scinta on Knockout Obesity

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Knockout Obesity expert, Dr. Wendy Scinta, visits Kingsborough Community College to give a presentation on childhood obesity. [Read more]


Healthy Habits Begin at Home

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For a parent, starting with your own children can help make a positive impact on the futures of all our country’s kids. One child at a time, you can help instill healthy dietary habits that stick for life when you begin with your own home. Though not intended to replace the advice of your weight loss doctor in Fayetteville, it’s wise to take action now if you have a child facing adolescent weight gain. Here are some tips for making your home a healthy and happy one for your child’s future and your own. [Read more]


Find Your Child’s Fitness Personality

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With childhood obesity hastily on the rise, the future health of America’s children has never been more important. Whether or not your child needs to lose weight, a balanced healthy diet and sustained physical fitness are the keys to his or her optimum health. [Read more]

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Are Your Children Unintentionally Overeating?

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Much controversy has arisen in New York concerning children who may be taking in excess calories by eating breakfast twice, once at home and then again when they arrive at school. Eyebrows were raised after a study examined the results of New York City health department’s recent attempt to ensure children from low income families receive proper nutrition by providing free breakfast at select schools. [Read more]

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Why Cholesterol Screening Could Lead to Healthier Kids

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While many children are benefitting from the support of physician supervised medical weight loss, Syracuse and Fayetteville are filled with children who are not yet benefitting from this service. A lot of children go to school and back home every day without ever stepping into a doctor’s office for a regular check-up, and this can be very dangerous for a lot of kids who grow up to be adults without ever realizing that they are at risk for serious health conditions. [Read more]

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Methods to Prevent and Stop Bullying

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Bullying is a much more common problem than many parents realize. As you turn on the television and watch cliché examples of small kids in big glasses being shoved into lockers it can be easy to think of bullying as something that is dramatized, something that is not a real issue that requires concern. [Read more]

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Teens Losing Weight Need Mental Encouragement

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It is hard enough for teenagers to grow up in a society where looks and body image are held at such a high degree of importance. Now imagine having to grow up not only as a teenager in today’s society but as obese, too. Teenagers today are constantly surrounded by negative impressions or stereotypes of obese people. These pressures cause some teens to take a stance and lose weight so they can live a healthier and happier life. [Read more]


Benefits of Play

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A typical prescription for weight loss includes just two orders: eat less and get more exercise. Medical weight loss plans provide you with tools to help you control your appetite and eat less while encouraging you to become more active. Exercising proves to be problematic for many people, because many suffering from obesity have no experience, and exercise routines offer a mixture of discomfort, pain, and boredom. It is really no wonder that so many people fail to get the minimum amount of recommended exercise. [Read more]

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