Childhood Obesity: Identifying the Risk Before Life Starts

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Obesity is a lifelong disease—one that interrupts chronic health and can lead to severe concerns like heart disease and diabetes. Losing weight is different than truly overcoming obesity, as weight re-gain is a risk factor that you constantly have to be aware of. But for many people who struggle with obesity, the future is merely a reflection of the past. [Read more]


Being Truthful with Children About Weight – Will It Help?

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A committee of medical experts recommended doctors should quit using non-specific terms to refer to children when they have weight problems. They should be referred to as obese or overweight in order to make the problem more clear to both kids and parents and to promote healthy weight loss. [Read more]


Lead by Example to Help Kids with Weight Loss

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Because children tend to look up to and imitate their parents, you have the perfect chance to be a healthy role model during your kid’s weight loss program. By setting a good example as your child loses weight, you can help him or her make healthier decisions, and as an added bonus, you’ll be making choices that help you maintain a healthy weight as well. [Read more]


Toss the Salt for Weight Loss

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Salt is a staple of our diets, but some argue that many children are eating too much of it. Some have even associated the overabundance of salt in our diets with the heightened rate of childhood obesity. While it is difficult to connect the rise of childhood obesity rates with a single component of our diets, it is safe to say that eating too much salt could be damaging the health of many children and adolescents in the United States. [Read more]


Young Mentors Boost Kids’ Weight Loss

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For kids, weight loss is a bit different. In Fayetteville and DeWitt you don’t hear kids talking about their weight loss goals over lunch. Kids are subject to bullying and taunting. While some kids are lucky enough to have a close friend who will help them through this rough time, most are lacking this essential form of support. [Read more]


Take Your Kids Outside to Lose Weight

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Kids are naturally resourceful, and the great outdoors is full of resources that can be turned into a powerful workout. [Read more]

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Get Fit and Have Fun with Your Kids

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There few better ways to help your kids with weight loss than spending your afternoons exploring exciting exercises together. [Read more]


For Kids, Weight Loss a Matter of Health

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Childhood obesity exposes overweight children to an increased risk of mental, developmental and medical health concerns. [Read more]


Keeping Kids off the Couch

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It’s always possible to teach a child about the importance (and fun) of an active lifestyle. [Read more]

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Weight Loss Even Your Kids will LIKE

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If there is one common complaint among parents nationwide, it is that their children are spending more time online and on Facebook than they are being active. Many people have even attributed social media sites as one of the causes of childhood obesity. In Fayetteville, more and more children are losing interest in the playground and choosing to spend hours alone in front of a computer screen instead of being active all afternoon. [Read more]